Beilein on Nike

"We are very grateful to everyone at adidas for all they have done for the University of Michigan. They have been great partners and we have developed a strong working relationship with them.

“Michigan and Nike have a long and storied history together. The traditions and reputations of both brands make this relationship one of the best in college athletics. I am thankful to be working with them again as we represent Michigan, Nike and the Jordan Brand for many years to come.”

About as tactful as it gets (and frankly nicer to adidas than Hackett was in the official press release…not that they deserve it).

I’d be curious to know if he has an off-the-record opinion, or if it’s something that doesn’t register since he doesn’t play the same game that others do.

JB just became a better recruiter, guaranteed.

Word was that Beilein preferred Adidas–can anyone verify that? I would say that the Jordan brand association has to sweeten the pot considerably for the team. . . even as these commercial ties continue to erode whatever residual “amateur” character college sports retained.

No, I heard both Harbaugh and Beilein preferred Nike, Harbaugh just needed it, Beilein preferred.