Beilein and co. in Brooklyn tonight for Moritz Wagner

Looks like they are having a good time.


Recent Laker buzz for Mo

Mo goes #25 to the Lakers. Very happy for him and another 1st rounder added to JB’s list


So in the end Michigan played 9 out of the 29 non-Wagner first round picks this past season.


Given the Laker’s offseason plans, I’d be very surprised if Wagner plays a game in Laker uniform (if I had to guess, it’s more likely he’s a Spur). He’s a little duplicative if Kuzma at the 4, and I’d certainly hesitate to play the two together at the 4 and 5. Still kudos to him, obviously.

It’s interesting, a few years ago the only college coach you’d see at the draft was Calipari, which made sense, as his entire recruiting pitch is pro preparedness. Last night, the only major prospects who didn’t have a smiling coach grasping them were the Duke guys.4;


K must have been too busy recruiting over another one of his 5 stars.

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Not sure I agree. I think they view him as a 5 and I think the goal is to surround LeBron with as many shooters as possible. And to the extent you’re right, it’s also certainly possible they’d use Kuzma as a trade chip (though I don’t think they will).

Yeah there’s a chance he’d stay. But I think we need to acknowledge that Ingram, Ball, Kuzma, Hart, and now Wagner are definitely potential fodder to acquire stars.