Battle for Atlantis tickets

I’m heading to the Bahamas next week for Battle for Atlantis. I thought I’d save a few bucks and stay across the street at the Comfort Suites (which offers “full access” to Atlantis) with my family. It turns out, according to the Atlantis representatives with whom I spoke, that I need an Atlantis reservation to purchase game tickets in advance (even though Comfort Suites is advertising BfA on their site … sigh). In previous years, tickets were available at the box office on-site, but it is unclear if I need an Atlantis reservation number for that transaction as well.

  1. If anybody has pointers here on ticket access, that’d be much appreciated.
  2. If anybody is going, has an Atlantis reservation, and would be willing to do a fellow alum stranger a solid by helping me procure tickets (I’d pay extra for your trouble), that’d be much appreciated too.

I’m in the same boat as you, only we’re staying at riu palace. I’d also love to find someone staying at atlantis willing to buy extra tix.

I will say though that from reading some forums of teams from previous years people havent had much trouble buying tix at the box office, or from other people selling theirs before the game for sold out games. It’s not a real comforting feeling heading down next week without tickets, but I’m optimistic we’ll find some tickets.

I’m staying at the Atlantis and am happy to help if needed. Ideally doing so once I hit the ground, but if you know a quick way to do it remotely i can try

JVS - you are a saint. To purchase tickets in advance, you need an Atlantis reservation number. But to keep it simple, I will try to hit the box office and get tickets that way. If I strike out, I will hit you up on this thread and try to figure out another approach with your gracious assistance.

Good to know I am not the only soul rolling the dice. I read similar things regarding the box office. If I pick up any hot tips, I will post here so you know what’s up.

Did you already buy your tix @JVS ? I know I’d certainly appreciate having the tickets in advance, that would be a layer of stress off my shoulders. I think the easiest way for you to help would be if you gave me (or jakew) your reservation number and name then I could call Atlantis and purchase the tickets. When I spoke to them about this last week they said that’s all I needed. What I don’t know is if I could pay for the tickets directly with my credit card or if they’d just add it to your reservation charges. I also don’t know if there is a limit on how many tickets they will let any single reservation purchase, I’d just have to sort that out on the phone with the ticket rep (which I’d be glad to do so you don’t have to waste your time doing that). If they haven’t already sold out of them, they were selling team packages where you could just purchase tickets to the UM games.

All that being said, I’d completely understand if you weren’t comfortable giving out that info. If you are comfortable, let me know and I can get you my cell number so we could just handle this via text. But again, no pressure here, I suspect we’ll all be fine just purchasing at the box office in the end.

@johnnya34, @jakew, Tickets bought back in June I think ( I tend to mourn the end of the season by spending money on traveling for the next one), so I can’t necessarily change that, but I bought full tourney passes which are in a different section than the UM-only tickets which are on the corner.

My only concern in setting something up is that they a) change my already ridiculous room rate to reflect a larger number of guests, b) I need to lay out cash myself ahead of time, c) my tickets in this separate section need to be grouped with the Michigan-only requests.

So I called this morning, and got three pieces of info which may be of use to you guys (or others enjoying our fairly public direct interaction): First, they said that last year they had 1/4 of the arena empty, and that they couldn’t give tickets away so its likely that there will be more, b) many fans buy full session passes, but only go to see their team so there is a lot of tickets floating around in the lobby for those games which people have no interest in [which I found odd as I would think they would just give you one master pass], and c) I can request more tickets for my room, but their process is only allowing 4/room currently and but asking face to face with someone who works for the event rather than just the Atlantis box office may get some flexibility there.

Lets take this over to email if you don’t mind (, and if you guys get better info on a process to make this work we can certainly try it out.

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Super useful information. My email is jakewjakew at