Battle for Atlantis record?

What is your prediction for how many wins Michigan will have in this tournament?

I’ll say 2-1.

I’m predicting we go 1-2 in the tournament. Don’t like the matchup with UCONN, and think Charlotte is the only W we get. Even that could be dicey seeing the 18-20 hour turnaround from the UCONN game. Think our third game matchup with one of the Texas schools is a 50-50 proposition. Until we improve our perimeter-post D, Ws are going to be hard to get.

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I think that our depth will be useful in a 3 games in 3 days setting. In a 50/50 game on day 3, I like our odds.

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My prediction would be 2-1, narrowly beating Texas, just because I don’t think Smart’s system matches up well with us. Would actually rather face A&M in the final round just for resume purposes, since I think they will have a stronger season than the Longhorns.

Surely not our defensive depth?


All I’m saying is that our depth should mean we have more guys with fresher legs come Friday than whoever we face. If the game is truly a 50/50 game, this could be a factor.

Ahhh… flashbacks to when Smart’s system was suppose to cause Michigan havoc back in the 2013 tournament. That defense got shredded more than GRIII’s jersey.

Gotcha. I just believe the quality of our supposed “depth” is very overrated. Fresh legs or not, this team has to prove it can stop somebody. I genuinely doubt they can. Interested to see how short the rotation becomes now.

Remember when Michigan beat Connecticut in Crisler a few years back and the fans stormed the court? This program has had so many big wins since then that it probably wouldn’t happen today. Shows how far M basketball has come in such a short time. Then again, it might have to do with the fact that UConn has been demoted to the ghost of Conference USA.

Anyway, it’s a moot point as this is a neutral site game and no courts will be stormed either way unless the Atlantis people set up an on-court buffet between games or something. But a bit of historical context!

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A UConn fan on the national board pointed out how crappy it is that the winner of the UConn/Michigan game have to turn around and play Syracuse 15 hours later while Syracuse got an afternoon game today.