Basketball Film Room Resources

I love basketball but I am very new to the X’s and O’s of the game. I did not grow up playing basketball in an organized setting. Therefore, I find myself wanting to understand the game on a more nuanced level. I learn best through visual aids. Can this community help me:

• Locate some online film sources:
• YouTube
• Any resource that is accessible to me

• Share some of your favorite sets run by teams, such as:
• The Bulls / Lakers triangle offense?
• I believe Georgetown has a famous set?

Thank you ahead of time. I figured August was as good a time as any for selfish requests. I hope this is okay Dylan. Let me know if it’s not.


Hoopvision68 on YouTube. Go to his Xs and Os deep dives section and pick one. If you end up watching all of those you’ll know much more than the average fan. You can kill a ton of time there

I know there are some other good YouTube accounts out there as well but that’s the primary one I watch and good for anyone to watch regardless of expertise. They’re informative but also go back and add history and are extremely entertaining. There’s a John Beilein and a Juwan Howard one.

Also fairly sure we had this discussion a year or two ago


@kturnup, my guy! You’ve never let me down. I’ll check it out right now.

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The one he just posted where he broke down every title game since 2000 would be a great start. Then he also made one with the 10 plays every college team uses which would be a good starting point also

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Gibson Pyper posts here all the time and he’s great. Follow him on Twitter for sure but def check out his YT channel:

Dylan Murphy used to post a bunch of basketball stuff on his medium blog and it’s still great reference material:

Some other Twitter follows:



Thanks @colin. Someone posted this basketball dictionary a little while ago (could have been you) and that’s what made me want to start this topic. But, I thought I would wait for August when things are slow.

What about all time iconic sets? The reason I ask: I play a weekly pickup game and all these dudes are calling out sets (like “Georgetown” :joy:) and I don’t know what the helll they’re talking about. Apparently everyone else knows, I want to know.

(For the record, I am a work hard, set screens, hustle on D, try not to get embarrassed, occasional backdoor cut for a lay up guy. Hold your applause. )

You play pickup with guys calling out sets? That’s not normal :rofl:


Really?! I haven’t played ball in 10-12 years. When I came back, people were calling sets. :man_shrugging: I just thought I missed the boat as I was getting old.


Red seven! Red seven! Hot route!


I have never played on a pick up game where people called sets. That’s bizarre


Mark Turgeon:


I don’t know what red 7 means!!


It’s a passing down red zone (esp. low red zone) coverage in football where you play man with brackets. “Red” is literally “red zone” and “7” is “Cover 7”, a particular kind of split safety coverage in Belichick/Saban lingo. So they’re adjusting a coverage they play in normal down/distance for this circumstance.

…this is Football Film Room Resources right?


They are just trying to make you think they have a clue about the intricacies of the game of basketball. just listen to one of there calls and watch what they do to execute the play and just be ready the next time. Of course if you hear a call your not familiar with, a hard foul always works. Now that’s past your prime basketball.


This reminds me that it’s a good thing for everyone that I only coach youth football.


For NBA stuff, I like reading Nekias Duncan at the straight-forwardly named


It’s a Wedding Crashers reference.

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Thank you to everyone that reached out. Keep them coming. You guys better watch out during the in game threads :grin:, I’m going to be dropping lingo left and right. “Why is UM running so much Horns Twist?! They need to start Icing the screen!” I’m well on my way to being “that guy”.

FWIW: I will never be that guy but, by knowing more about the game, I will enjoy the games much more. Thank you guys for that.


Sounds like A-League players in a D-League pickup game. The guys I played with would have hard-fouled anyone calling out plays to shut them up or run them off the court. Head-fakes and pass-fakes were the only language allowed besides genuine trash talk.

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