Basketball Commission suggestions are out

Here’s a high-level list of the changes

My read on it is that one-and-done is gone for the 2020 class, just a matter of time. Some people are fuming about the USAB-run camp, but really depends what kind of format that ends up in.

How do we think the elimination of the one and done will affect Michigan recruiting? Will the Kentucky/Duke/Kansas’s of the world start targeting more 40-70 range players that JB has been able to chase and make our lives more difficult?

If the one and done is done I think it will help um more than hurt it because player evaluation and player development will become even more important. I will say I don’t think it will have a huge impact in the overall scheme of things. I think people have forgotten how few of prospects were straight to nba guys when one and done didn’t exist.

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Could also help if teams are chasing those kind of guys while they’re debating going pro or going to school, but decide to go pro last minute.

I think it will help us in the way you suggest.

At the very start, after guys like KG and Kobe went straight to the league, you saw a few years where it was really popular, then it started to decline.

I think it all depends on whether the NBA ramps up the quality and pay in the G-League. If it does, I think lots of kids will skip college. As it is, more kids may opt to play overseas for a year or two before trying to break into the league.

As to point one, I thought the one-and-done rule was a NBA rule that the NCAA had no control over.

As to point two, I am not against allowing undrafted players to return to school, but isn’t that really going to put schools in a bind trying to fill those spots. Unless they move up the timing of the draft, coaches will not know if they have a roster opening or not until June something. Imagine if you have 2 or 3 guys entering early (or more, if you are UK or Duke). I didn’t read The full report, does the undrafted player have a deadline to decide if he is returning to school?

You are correct on the one-and-done rule being an NBA thing – you must be one year removed from high school in order to play in the NBA.

Regarding your second point, I had that same thought. This is going to mess with coaches’ ability to manage their roster without leaving someone out in the cold or getting burned unless there are some provisions outlined. (I, too, did not read the full 60 page report.)

I read that part of the report and it says that although this may be an inconvenience to coaches trying to manage their rosters, the benefit should be given to the student athlete and their desire to complete their education and pursue other career options.

I don’t see this as a workable option. If a player doesn’t get drafted he is still free to negotiate a deal on his own with any team. How long does he get to do that before he decides to return to school?

I’d imagine the roll-out of this will be delayed because of these exact questions/complications…but I am just happy that something is being done! The landscape may change a bit, but I would love having a little more comfort when watching CBB that everything is on the up and up.

NCAA has no power to stop one-and-done, the decision is purely btw NBA player’s union and owners.

Letting undrafted player return is doable, especially if scholarship count can be made flexible. Some restriction such return have to be imposed, maybe only allowed once or applied to upperclassman only.

I am all for the 5-year post-season ban, and lifetime ban on the coaches.

As long as the school still have a scholarship for him, i guess … but if they cannot return after playing in the summer league, then there is no reason to drag on

The lifetime ban on coaches is great.


Logically, if undrafted player can return, I don’t see why drafted player cannot return if they choose not to sign.

If players can enter the draft and still return to their schools, why wouldn’t any and all players put their name in for the draft? I know a bunch of us are bagging on Nojel Eastern but seriously, why wouldn’t every single player do the same if they can return to their school?


I was thinking about this too - I think I saw the number between last year’s draft entrants and this years is already up like 50 or 60 additional kids.

If the provision is you can return **after ** the draft, then I’d assume that number will skyrocket even more! They’ll have to put in multiple layers of screening players before draft day ever occurs, as right now this concept wastes the valuable time of way too many people (NBA, Overseas, and obviously universities/NCAA)


How again is any of this solving the corruption problem?


It isn’t. They need to just let them sign professional contracts when they’re 15 or 16 years old like they do in Europe.

The basket commission “suggestions” ?? What ? They didn’t suggest any solutions.