Bamba's brother posted 22min long video about why Bamba went to Texa$

Says that Mo accepted gifts from a booster.

Link? Or do you have a quote? That’s pretty interesting!

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The booster who is Bamba’s mentor and allegedly pushed Bamba to Texas is a Michigan alum.

That explains why we were on his list.

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This sounds a little nuts. Might have been good advice to tell Mo to distance himself from his brother.

Is he actually a Texas booster though? I don’t see any connection. Even the brother doesn’t implicate Texas. Just the opposite as he asked for admission to Grad school and medical help for his mom and he says they said no.
Bizarre story and could disqualify Bamba but sounds more like Jamal Crawford than something that would hurt UT.

Best part of the thread:


I’ve found that in terms of pure delusion there’s not many fan bases that top Kentucky. When a ref from an Elite 8 Game needs 24/7 police surveillance around his house because of how many threats he’s gotten then there’s probably a serious issue.


100% correct. I didn’t watch the whole thing, but this is from someone who did:

“He also states that Bamba “will not play college basketball this year” and that he has already reported him to the NCAA and will speak with them. He makes it clear in a comment to his video that no money came from the University of Texas. This is an important point, as this saves the school from repercussions, though not necessarily saving Bamba’s eligibility.”

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I feel bad for Mo. It seems pretty obvious to me that Mo was wise to distance himself from his brother. His brother was jeopardizing Mo’s career–no doubt.

His brother accused Mo of taking 200 dollars a week. Stfu! If true, 200 dollars a week, is an acceptable amount of against-the-rules-money, in my mind. 200 is nothing but it is helpful to a struggling family.

Please. Just shut up and stop trying to play the victim when your only plan, apparently, is to piggyback off your little brother.

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In the UK thread they say that since Greer has known him since 4th grade, some of the bennies may be above board.

I really hope Mo comes out of this not looking dirty. I really believe he is a good kid.

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But, will he still get a building named after him?


Not really. He also graduated from IU undergrad and IU wasn’t on Bamba’s list.

That statement made me realize this kid is either totally naive or delusional. Maybe I should round up a posse of lanky African 4th graders and see if I can cash in too!

Yahoo and NBC sports have picked up on the story.

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That might be a slanted article, but seems to me that this would put most of this discussion to rest.__

As a VP the dude is probably making mid-to-high six figures at a minimum. I honestly don’t think he has much if any skin in the game.