Bad News for Nebraska; Tim Miles has Kicked Deverell Biggs off the Team

This is too bad for them. This kid was looking really good and seemed to be getting better and better.

I will be rooting for Miles and Nebraska – not to beat UM, of course, but to become a solid, middle of the pack B1G program.

Agreed completely. I hope they become an annual tournament team.

Why? Why care about any Big Ten team in the long run except Michigan?

Because I love playing in the best conference in America…and I want the Big Ten to remain that way as long as possible.

(1) Right, it’s better for Michigan if the other teams in the conference are good (although not quite as good as UM).

(2) I end up watching B1G teams and keeping up on what’s up with them. Some of the coaches and players seem like decent people, and I generally want decent people to have success, even if they aren’t affiliated with my alma mater.