B1G teams and who they are

I thought this would be a cool thread for people who know a lot about other B1G teams to talk about them:
I am from NJ so I know a little about Rutgers. If you ask me the struggles with their basketball team relate to their facilities. I have been around there arena (The RAC) a few times and have seen there training facilities and it may be one of the worst arenas I have every seen. Comparing it to places like Crisler Center, Breslin Arena, and other B1G arenas, the RAC looks like a dump. I find the recruiting problems with a place like Rutgers to relate to that a lot since they have awful facilities. Them being new to the B1G is no excuse since it was with a power conference in the Big East before they came over. They have a decent coach with good experiences in Eddie Jordan so they have the right ideas with the program and have a nice player in Corey Sanders but there basketball facilities do not fit B1G standards compared to other B1G arenas.

I’ve seen the RAC. Looks like it would be a great home court, but it is not up to B1G standards in any way. Rutgers campus is kind of spread out all over the pace unlike other B1G schools who have large, beautiful central campuses. Also, Rutgers has not been successful in hoops since the late 70s.