Austin Grandstaff transferring

do we try to make room for him?

I wouldn’t. Seems weird that a guy would transfer so early in his freshman season unless there were special personal circumstances that would preclude him coming to Michigan. But even if he just wanted to be in a more shooter-centric system like ours, I think we have other priorities now that we have Poole and Watson in the pipeline. Pass.

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His AAU teammate Elijah Thomas is also transferring from Texas A&M.

Don’t really see a need for Michigan as it has a better shooter (Duncan) a class ahead and a more versatile player (Poole) coming down the line.


In 115 minutes for the Buckeyes this year, Grandstaff has gotten 3 rebounds, recorded 0 assists and is shooting 33% from three…

I’ll pass


I know recruiting talk brings up a lot of contention on this board. But weren’t people pretty bummed we missed him and got Robinson instead? Seems to have worked out so far.

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I was bummed, and i’d at least kick the tires if he still has interest (but want to answer a lot of the ‘why’ questions mentioned.

Two questions to those who certainly know how this works: 1) does he have to sit a year, and 2) does OSU have the ability to block certain schools?

I’m pretty sure it’s a calendar year, so if you get him now he would be back in time for B1G play next year

Midseason transfers generally enroll for the second semester and are ineligible til the second semester next year. So they lose the redshirt option but can play some next year. This is what LLP did back in the day.

Borzello cited as saying first schools to make contact were Butler, St Johns, Oregon, Tennessee, Nebraska, SMU, “and others”

The announcement seemed strange. He loves the coaches and he loves his teammates but he doesn’t think OSU is a good fit. What else is there, style of play? Wouldn’t you be aware of the style of play going in?

I heard there might be a child involved in Texas… I don’t have any evidence of it, but at least I can respect that rationale

OSU can and almost certainly would block him from transferring within the Big Ten. Unless they granted him a complete release, he would lose a year of eligibility if he transferred here.