Austin Grandstaff Amateur Scouting Report

I don’t have much experience writing scouting reports, but I live in the Dallas area and wanted to offer my fellow UM Bball fans some information on an out of town UM basketball recruit. I was able to watch Michigan target Austin Grandstaff of Rockwall High playing in a Texas State District game on Tuesday February 18, 2014 vs Sachse.
Austin is a shooting guard but commands the ball most of the time for his team, and is a volume shooter. He is a good ball handler in traffic and utilizes a very good hesitation dribble with either hand. He was able to get to the rim quite often or draw fouls. Listed at 6 foot 5, he seemed like 6’ 4” to me. Rockwall runs a lot of pick and rolls at the top of the key. He looks to pass while driving with either hand and had some really good passes to set up fellow Yellow jackets. Shoots the ball off the bounce effectively from either hand but was not very efficient on this night with the mid-range pull ups. This should improve as he increases his strength
He had 13 pts in the first, 28 points at half time and a 52-23 advantage including a 3 pointer from the top of the key on a set play to start the quarter. Another 10 pts in the third, and he finished with 45 points, 11 rebounds, 8 assists and 3 TOs. He was 12-24 from the field, 5-11 from 3 point land, and 16-19 from the line playing all but the last 90 seconds of the game.
Coach Simmons was gracious enough to allow me to talk with Austin after the game. He is a very humble and down to earth kid. Other than Michigan he is hearing from UNC, Florida, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State the most. I saw two SMU basketball coaches at the game, but no Larry Brown. Austin was very excited about the win, especially since they had lost to Sachse earlier and felt like it was a team win. Bacari Alexander talks to his Dad quite a bit and they are trying to set up a visit this summer. He is a college basketball fan, follows Michigan and Florida basketball, and mentioned that his game has been compared to Nick Stauskas. He is looking forward to learning about more schools now that he opened up his recruitment, (former OK State commit) and is focused on finding a team and coach that will help him improve his game. This summer he plans to work on his overall game, upper and lower body strength, and his quickness.

Wow. Many thanks on this report BHB! The scouting report was informative and any recruiting news is welcome during what seems like slow recruiting months.

Very thorough report, thanks a lot.

That was great. Thank you for the report. You’re already better at this than Brian Snow.

Appreciate it! I was also able to see fellow UM target Matt McQuaid play last Friday in a playoff game. I will write up a scouting report on him as well soon.

thanks for the nice recruiting piece.