Austin Davis undergoes shoulder surgery, expected back in October

This makes it even more of an eyebrow raiser to me that Davis has returned now. He’s going to miss all of summer working out, and he really needed that summer because he was already a plodder as is. By the time he gets cleared he will be way behind the 8 ball. Even if he was brought back to mainly be a voice in the locker room, the depth at the center spot is pretty thin.


I’m pretty sure that everyone is going to miss all summer of working out, at least as a team.

And no matter how much Davis works out, I’m not sure he’s really going to change his physical profile. His lateral quickness will be an issue when he’s on the court.


Speculating based on still-limited data, but there are some indications that Juwan is placing relationships and commitment above winning here in the early going; I like that. And if Austin makes a leap proportional to the one he made last year, I think he’ll be a very productive role player.

In fact, with Castleton unproductive last year and gone this, we are going to need Austin, no?


Yeah, if you’re going to miss out on a summer due to rehab, this is the one to miss. Hope he can make a speedy recovery!


I don’t think this surgery is a problem for Austin. Not like he was gonna get a ton better this summer anyways, I think he’s had enough time to develop to the point where we know what he is. Plus there won’t exactly be a lot of team practicing this summer anyways.

With Dickinson and Johns as other (and probably better) options at the 5 we should be fine anyways. And who knows, maybe Davis’ nagging shoulder gets healed and he plays a little better. Either way it’s not a negative

Yea the timing of all this is not ideal. I’m guessing that virus issues delayed his surgery to some extent.


Relationships over winning? No doubt he seems to really value relationships. I just don’t know why you take the leap that it is at the expense of winning. Juwan is all about winning… including being willing to bring his own son as a walkon to assemble more talent. Much of what you say, I agree with. I am just not sure why you think any of his actions indicate he is willing to forgoe winning.
I believe he values Austin for 3 reasons - 1. Great locker room guy and teammate 2. Need guys that are willing to be role players and still contribute and 3. Love’s Michigan

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Actually, I agree with both of you. Relationships are incredibly important to Juwan, and I personally value that as does Mattski. But I certainly think Juwan is about winning, too, and I am certain Mattski also knows that. One CAN actually “value relationships over winning” yet want to win with heart and soul.

I think Mattski is just suggesting that relationships are REALLY important to Juwan, and he appreciates that. So do I, and I think you do, too, but I don’t know you as well as I know Mattski.

Relationships and winning are not mutually exclusive, but one can certainly take a slight edge over the other, with both of them still being very important.

Fair. I don’t think he’d keep Austin on the roster if he didn’t think he’d contribute. A more cut-throat approach might or might not have meant encouraging him to stay for another year. But I agree that he’ll contribute. Austin had some very nice turns toward the end of the year and he’ll be better next year.