Austin Davis invited back for graduate year

The timing of the announcement pretty clearly has to do with Senior Night, right?

Are you suggesting that Castleton walked into Juwan’s office the day before Senior Night and said “yo, I’m out”?

Not really how that would work. Those conversations will take place after the season as always I would expect.


I’m suggesting that if JC comes and AD is guaranteed a scholarship, Juwan is playing fast and loose with the scholarships before he really needs to. AD is the easiest scholarship to dump given the 5th year and he’s eliminating that as an option to free up space. Only way you can guarantee AD a scholarship today is if you know at least one guy is leaving now. Otherwise, what if everyone decides they want to wait it out another year? (Nunez wants a degree, CC wants to take a shot without Teske in his path, Bajema wants a year of offseason development, etc.)

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Guarantee? No. But seems pretty logical to infer that Colin is the likely first man out here when a scholarship crunch of some kind is expected.

Hell, Austin Davis could still decide to transfer after the season.

My only point is that reading into it to say anything more than Juwan Howard wants Austin Davis as one of his 13 next year is just making assumptions and guesses that fit a narrative.

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Seems reckless if Juwan doesn’t know how he comes up with 13 available scholarships yet. I think he must know or have an idea. Otherwise, leave the easy option open of not giving a 5th year in case it is necessary. If JC comes, they will need to clear up not one, but two scholarships. And thats not even mentioning the longshot of Greg Brown wanting to come.

I think it’s fair to assume he has some idea here.


I’m sure he has plenty of ideas and thoughts on next year’s roster. I just don’t think this announcement really tells you anything nearly as specific about what those thoughts are as people are trying to imply.


Double Bingo

We had no transfers last year
Had a coaching change
Are bringing in a big time recruiting classes

We basically have a back log of transfers that are coming this off season.


Good for Austin. Great kid and a TREMENDOUS student.


Good for Austin. Still will need room for a guard/wing that can contribute for next year be it JC or another 2020 or transfer.

Happy for AD. Bummed if this results in the likely transfer of Castleton, I believe he’ll be a high quality center by his senior year. Not surprised at all though, I’ve been of the belief that fans need to be ready for immediate minutes from many freshmen over the returning Beilein upperclassmen recruits. This might be step one toward that resolution - and Dylan made an awesome point about Davis being comfortable accepting a role as the end of bench guy, but also being rock solid enough to provide minutes if needed.


Juwan said exactly that in his presser when describing what he likes about Davis. He didn’t say it in the context of next season, but obviously, Juwan is comfortable that Davis would be fine if placed in that role.


I thinks a coin flip in regards to what is more important… AD’s willingness to accept whatever role Coach determines is the best fit for the team and that he is a one year commitment and CC is a two year commitment.

It also allows CC to find a new home and have two years left to play which is big for him and whatever school he decides to transfer.

Win win for all involved.

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