Athlon Ranks the Big Ten's best coaches

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2. John Beilein, Michigan

Record at Michigan: 104-60 (.615)

NCAA Tournament: 16-9, one Final Four

Number to note: Michigan is 40-14 in the Big Ten the last three seasons. The Wolverines posted one winning conference record during the previous 13 seasons.

Why he’s ranked here: Since arriving at Michigan, Beilein is 15-35 against Tom Izzo, Bo Ryan and Thad Matta, but he’s caught up to the pack. He’s 6-3 in the last nine vs. Izzo, 2-3 vs. Ryan after losing his first 10 and 4-2 in his last six vs. Matta.

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Beilein is underrated by some Michigan fans, but it’s nice to see him getting due credit at the national level.

It’s obvious athlon has no idea what they’re talking about.

It's obvious athlon has no idea what they're talking about.

If we’re talking body of work, I can see the argument for Izzo as #1. If we’re talking the best coach right now, it’s not even close.

Hard to believe that any objective person could say 15 NCAA coaches are better than Beilein right now. A person like that that would have to be completely blind to the rest of the college basketball world.

This list sort of reminds me of when Greg Mattison was the best assistant coach in football a few years ago.

  1. Izzo

  2. Matta

  3. Ryan

  4. Beilein

  5. Miles

  6. Everybody else

Based on recent, relevant success

I would say 1. Beilein 2. Ryan 3. Matta

We were all way off, best B1G coach is clearly Tom Crean. Bad loss tonight, it may have even wrecked the program.

Bump. Anyone else still want Beilein over Izzo? Izzo lost Payne, Appling and Harris, and just beat Virginia, Oklahoma and Louisville to make it to the Final Four. The guy is simply amazing.