Assistant coaches get raises

Yaklich, 42, and Haynes, 34, who are both entering their second year on Beilein’s staff, will each make $75,000 more this season, bringing their base salaries to $300,000 and $275,000, respectively.

Washington, 43, who is in his third season at Michigan and is currently serving as the interim head coach as Beilein recovers from heart surgery, will remain the highest-paid assistant and have his base salary increased from $250,000 to $305,000.

Haynes’ pay increase is 37.5 percent, Yaklich’s is 33 percent and Washington’s is 22 percent.

In total, Beilein’s coaching staff will make a combined $880,000 this season, up from the $675,000 the trio made last year. That puts Michigan’s assistant coaching salary pool on par with Indiana and Michigan State, who both paid more than $800,000 last season, and closer to Ohio State, which dished out more than $1 million.

No wonder everyone looks so happy in Barcelona :wink:


In April 2016, Deandre Haynes left his alma mater to take a job at Toledo because he was only making $75k .

He made half that in bonuses alone last year ($39.5k) and will make $275k in 2018-19.

Quite a career arc for the 34 year old assistant coach.