Article from 10 years ago- General consensus from the comments section is that Coach B can’t coach

Someone mentioned LLP in another threat and that made me find this article from 2010. I found the comments the more interesting part of this. The general consensus from the comments section is that Coach B can’t coach. (at least not at a UofM level) Most of the comments are brutal.

What a bunch of Nay-sayers. How far we have come since 2010.

While I have been somewhat frustrated at times over the last 10 years with U of M’s inability to recruit very highly rated players, I never doubted what Beilein did or could do. I think I was more frustrated by the system (NCAA basketball ) and by the recruits/players. Recruits with either their hands out ($) or ones that just didn’t recognize what a great teacher and developer Coach B was. I was really frustrated after our first appearance in the national title game. It seemed not to help us grab any 5 stars. I’m hoping that this year’s appearance will be different and it will help bring slightly higher rated guys in.

But if not, we’ll be ok. Coach B will coach’m up.

Drawing a general consensus from MLive comments… not ideal.


Favorite comment in response to someone being optimistic: “It will be a long time before UM BB makes it to a tourney other than one of those pre-season holiday tournaments.”

They did in fact made the tournament next year. I think it’s stellar what a job Beilein has done in the face of much doubt. Thankful to have him.

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That comment was so dumb because Michigan had already made it to the NCAA Tournament under Beilein!

Also what Dylan said regarding mlive comments (or really any major news/sporting site).

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