Armstrong State

Now that basketball is finally upon us, what are you guys hoping to see in this game?

I looked up Armstrong State as I had never heard of them. Looks like Cazzie Russell is one of their assistant coaches, so that would explain the matchup. Very cool. (Seems a bit weird that the all time Michigan great who built Crisler is a D2 assistant, but anyway…)

I guess this will be yet another season where I pay for BTN2Go, watch one basketball game, watch a few random Wisconsin volleyball games, forget to cancel, and end up wondering what these weird items are on my credit card bill.

Go Blue!


Better still head to AA and watch game live. I’m sure you could get in for 5 toonies


Exchange rate is brutal right now. 5 toonies barely gets you a double-double from Tim Hortons :wink:

But unfortunately I don’t live close anymore.

FYI…I believe BTN is re-airing the game late afternoon on Sunday (if you want to save your toonies)

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For me, the main things I’ll be watching:

  1. Whether Wagner gets the start and is able to dominate inside against a smaller front line
  2. How much we see the 2 PG lineup and whether X shows the same ability to finish inside that he showed in HS
  3. If we see improvement from MAAR passing from the PNR
  4. How aggressive Walton is, and how Irvin’s shot selection looks
  5. Overall team defensive intensity, and specifically Teske’s shotblocking (esp against a small team)
  6. Transition offense

Hoping it’s a blowout.

I’d like to see us shoot well from distance and see Wilson play within himself.

I don’t think your first two points are important in the opening exhibition game.

I am interested in how the freshmen look, how is Wilson at the 4, has Robinson raised his game any and does the defense look any better.

I think you need to keep an eye out to see if any of the bench players look viable. Just gotta keep an eye out for skills/niches that look transferrable against actual teams.

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Availability today:

That’s a relief. We might be able to steal this game, now. :wink:

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Is this game gonna be available to stream on replay via BTN2Go later tonight?

It looks like some of the other games on BTN Plus are, but they still say BTN Plus so I’m guessing you need the service to watch the replay. Not sure.

I’m not looking forward to paying $10 to watch a single basketball game on TV. And there is another game in a month that looks like it will be on BTN+ just as the month subscription expires…


I’m going to do my best to be there tonight.
I want to get my only look of thes year (possibly) of the rebounding machine: Austin Davis.
Also a chance to see the explosive Mr. Matthews in a cameo

No Matthews – sits out this year due to transfer rules.

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If this is true I hope some of y’all going to the game take good mental notes and can give hot takes on some of the question marks with the team when it’s over.