Arizona vs. San Diego St. on CBS Sports Network now

Great chance to check out Arizona and should be a good game.

Aaron Gordon is a problem. Kid is a monster and will be a tough cover for Michigan. Gotta get him in foul trouble.

AG is really great but I don’t really believe they have elite guard play.

don’t get cbs sports, but it looks like sds kept it respectably close the whole game.

Pretty good game. SDSU will be a nightmare next year.

Arizona lacks the outside shooting and facilitators that I’d like on a team but they can beat up anytime inside.

Yep. Arizona’s frontcourt is as good as it gets (will need McGary there) but in the backcourt, they don’t necessarily seem special. Playing against SDSU is tough though, they always have so much length. A very different match-up than what Michigan will provide.

Arizona is for real. They are as good as any team in the country and I’m really glad we get them at home.

You’ve gotta know think that Stephen Zimmerman will be watching that game closely, so I’m really hoping Beilein can showcase McGary a little bit. Based on that aspect, I’m torn as to whether I’d rather win @ Duke or vs Arizona if I could only pick one.

Zimmerman isn’t coming to UM. His stepmom loves those bluebloods.

Watching Syracuse and man do I wish we scheduled them and Lousville instead of Duke/ Arizona. So many skilled, lanky and long athletes.