Appreciating this play

Minute left, down 3. Season on the line. Zak Irvin isolating Yogi Ferrell. I had flashbacks to Yogi locking down Stauskas a few years back for 40 minutes. Would have bet my life that Zak would have settled for a bad shot or turned it over. What an incredible drive and dish to Duncan, who had been 0 for 5 from three up to then… Say what you want about Duncan and whether or not he deserved a scholarship but I sure am glad he’s on the team. And he had a clutch and one a minute earlier too.

I’ve given this team a lot of criticism at times, especially Irvin and Walton but today was one of the proudest games I’ve ever been to be a Michigan basketball fan.

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The intensity was fantastic. They really fought hard

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I thought Duncan made some big time plays down the stretch. He’s been in some big games before, just not in front of that many people.

he played basketball rather than playing the role of 3 point shooter. he did well.

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That’s a good point. He’s obviously most valuable when he is shooting 50% from 3, but being able to play, and play hard, at the rest of the facets of the game is what will make him worthy of starters minutes, going forward.