Appling Flop

I can’t count how many times I hear MSU fans talking about Michigan being floppers. I would love if anyone could produce a GIF of the Appling flop 75 feet from the basket that gave Burke his 3rd or 4th foul, last year.

I too would be interested to see this, but I am poorly versed in GIFing.

Before I can make the GIF, I would need the clip.

Is this what you’re talking about? At 2:52? If so, I’m not sure you want to bring up last year’s game at MSU with MSU fans. Especially since just preceding this, Burke could have been called for a foul on Appling’s jumper and wasn’t.

I know what I’m getting myself into if I post it. It will only be used when MSU fans rag on Michigan for being “floppers”

Thanks, btw.