Anybody know much about Julian Roper? Have

seen him live once and he looked like he might just be special.

Any insights into the transfer, his game, early favorites, etc would be appreciated.


Early favorite is Michigan. From my interactions with him and his dad they are Michigan leans. I don’t want to say the word “fans” because as a recruit that should honestly be taken off the table and they should look at what situation each school offers and see what is the best for them. But Wisconsin will obviously be a team to watch going forward since Roper will be playing alongside Bowman now. Bowman was already trying to get him recruited to Wisconsin this year when he was at Country Day.

Not 100% sure why he transferred from Country Day. I think it was because the team wasn’t great and he wanted to compete to win a state title. Also didn’t agree completely with the coaches’ philosophies. Also has several very close friends at Orchard Lake. And playing against guys like Lorne Bowman every day in practice and alongside him during games can only help
him grow and learn to play with other high level players. Orchard Lake also has arguably the best PG in the state for 2022 and arguably the top Big man in 2021 on their varsity team next year to go with Bowman.

Offensively he’s gifted. Pretty polished scorer. Can shoot off the catch or dribble, has a mid range game, and has touch around the rim. Solid playmaker and pretty explosive and getting more athletic. Solid frame on him as well. He’s a high major player without question and if he grows another inch or more he will be like 6’4 which would be a great size as a combo guard/shooting guard.

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Thanks. Orchard Lake has to be ridiculously good.

They are talented. They should’ve been good this year but lost way more games than expected and got bounced early. Next year will be interesting. On paper they should be one of the favorites.

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