Any preview content requests?

I feel like I’ve beaten some of the individual stuff to death with the Spain trip, etc. Any requests or things you guys want to see leading up to the season? Any interest in previews of other Big Ten teams? Now is your chance to let me know.

Not much more you can do until the team gets a few weeks under their belts and starts to develop. Will you be able to sneak into the not so secret scrimmage in Toledo? Just asking!?

We won’t be at the secret scrimmage, but will try to do some digging as far as how it went afterwards.

Perhaps potentially a “Five ‘most impactful’ games” list for U-M this year or something similar you could sink your teeth into (10 most impactful games among all B1G teams; five “sneaky important” games; “don’t mark the W just yet” games).

Or a comprehensive explanation why Rutgers was, in fact, invited into the B1G. Unrelated, but I still don’t have an answer.


I liked someone’s idea in the Top 25 players thread of some kind of draft of big ten players

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I would definitely be interested in previews of other B10 teams.


Draftageddon sure is popular :wink:


Would love a deep film/schematic dive into other B1G team’s/players favorite sets.

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Rank the B1G head coaches with a write up on each.

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Rank the B1G road trips from a fan perspective.
Rank the teams on the schedule by Mascots/Team Names
For Recruiting show where each b1g team gets their players from, or how often conference teams are competing for the same recruits.


For a Big Ten preview series I’d enjoy a ranking of the guys you expect to improve the most or surprise people. Like a list of other Big Ten players who are in similar positions to Poole and have a good opportunity to break out.

Deep dive on MSU, maybe by their partisan writers. Interested in their review. The team is consensus favorite, but they seem significantly less talented to me. What am I missing?

I would be interested in a breakdown of each Big Ten team with everything relative to known commodities, i.e., what they were last year.

So for example:


2018 OE: 114.7 (35th)
2018 DE: 90.5 (3rd)
2018 tempo: 64.9 (324th)

So you go through each team and say if the 2019 team will be the same, better, or worse on offense or defense, and/or faster or slower tempo wise-- and perhaps one or two reasons why.

The lack of coaching changes makes it slightly more uninteresting than last year when Archie and Underwood brought drastically different styles than their predecessors. But still, I’m sure teams like Nebraska, Northwestern, etc., might have a willingness to change the way they play.

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I can try to start including something like that in the Big ten previews I’ve been doing.

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