Any news out of the secret scrimmage?

Anyone hearing any news from the secret scrimmage with Akron?

Would imagine someone would’ve been there to see how things went. Beilein isn’t allowed to comment on it but that’s why we have Dylan.

Guess they’re picked by some to win the MAC–they may just have played us tough.

Sounds like they reset scoreboard at halftime. Akron/Michigan split the two halves.


From sounds of it, UM and Akron reset scoreboard at half during Saturday’s scrimmage. Seems each team won a half. Akron was well-prepared.

Not too happy about losing a half to Akron, tbh.

Wrt scrimmage and losing a half, we don’t know the context. These scrimmages aren’t necessarily approached like real games by either team. I’ve seen scrimmages where one half you just play ‘normal’ and the other half the coaches agree to play a certain type of defense, try different line-up combo’s, etc, etc.

More than anything, hearing the Wagner played good is huge for this team. I also think Ibi stepping up and being able to give meaningful minutes is great news. Gives the wing position more depth. And that is typically what I try to take away from these scrimmages…individual performances.


Great to hear IBI was impressive although I would have preferred to hear that X was the freshman who killed it…

Does anybody know anything about Akron’s bigs as it might relate to Wagner playing so well?

I don’t at all agree with the notion that there was a more positive buzz around the Davis commit compared with Teske. Where did that come from?

This is their center.

Thanks Reegs.

I just watched a video on “Big Dog”. He is truly a load, appears to be a good athlete for his size, and appears to be a real powerful presence in the low post. If Wagner was able to do a good job defending him that would really be a positive sign!

I’m with you. Obviously we don’t know the context of this game but let’s just hope that they don’t drop a half to a MAC-level team from here on out. This is a veteran Michigan team, after all.

But if Wagner is making it hard for JB to start anybody but him, I am glad.

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I wouldn’t read too much into the reports of splitting halves. We could have been changing up rotations. Or maybe we lost one half by 1 and won the other by 30.


Some details about the scrimmage were posted on the Scout Board.

Michigan lost. I’ll leave the rest of the info on there.

They lost a half. And again don’t know the context. Not too worried about it.

Akron is actually a very good senior led team. Picked to win MAC. For a first scrimmage, just wouldn’t worry much. We will have an idea of what this team is in one month.

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I hope Wagner playing so well means he will be starting. We really need his motor in our lineup.

No, they lost the combined score.

Depends on your perspective. If this scrimmage didn’t help answer a lot of questions then it probably isn’t a good thing. They lost a super secret scrimmage a couple years ago to a MAC team the year Michigan lost to NJIT and EMU. Regardless of how people want to frame that game Michigan should have had more talent on the court at any moment against Akron unless Beilein was trotting out a lineup of Dakich-Wright Jones-Lonergan-Hibbits-Davis.

So I guess we’re lucky we don’t play NJIT or EMU this year. Because the incomplete, second hand report of a result of a single scrimmage (not a game, with, you know, a regular rotation of players, an actual crowd, Adrenalin, etc., but a scrimmage) two years ago, and failures in games over a month later means that a similar report this year spells doom down the road.

Good grief.


Agreed. Whoever reads a lot into the secret scrimmage needs to realize we know nothing. For all we know the proven guys could have been limited and JB wanted the guys battling for spots to go out. Anything could have happened and it means nothing end of story.


From what has been posted on the insider board, there does not appear to be any extenuating circumstances to explain away the result. Losing to Akron in a scrimmage doesn’t mean our season is gonna be horrible and that we are screwed, but I don’t think we should just try and explain it away and put our heads in the sand. The team clearly needs to improve if they want to make the tournament safely.

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