Another triple double?

I must say, Michigan may be the only team in the country with 3 players more than capable of getting a triple double. Does zak Irvin go for a triple double on Wednesday?

Zac having a triple double Wednesday would be just what the team needs, just as Caris’ and Dwalt’s both happened at precisely the most opportune times for them and the team. All Zac needs is to hit a few shots especially from three and his confidence will be back. He’s rebounding the ball well and his handle and ability to take it to the rack are approaching last year’s end of the year production. Yes, another triple double, while crazy, would be just what the Dr. ordered and would truly anoint the big three as “The BIG Three.” Now, I know some will say, “Well they did it against Northern Kentucky, Youngstown State, and Bryant” (should Zac follow suit) but what a tremendous boost of confidence that would give to Zac and the entire team as we head to Champaign and the start of the B1G season! Go Blue!

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At this point I’d be happy if Zak hit a triple, if he hits two to make it a triple double that’ll be even better


I don’t think you start a game trying to get a triple double. In the flow of the game you might make an effort to go for it if you are close. Don’t think Irvin is likely to ever get one as it is very hard. Has there ever been 3 teammates get triple doubles in 3 consecutive games? I don’t think so.

Have there ever been consecutive triple doubles by teammates? Why not make it 3?

I would be, too, JJ, but believe me Zac is more eager for that to happen than either of us, and he will hit one (three pointer), then two, and then… watch out. In many ways this three point slump is a blessing in disguise because he continues to round out his game becoming a much more complete player. While we wait, it sure is nice to have players like Caris and DeWalt playing the way they are! Oh, and what a luxury it is to have that silky smooth stroke of the best shooter in the B1G, Duncan Robinson. Come to think of it, the way Duncan has been grabbing rebounds (six last game) and dishing “dimes” (three last game), maybe he’ll have a triple double, too! As Oprah would say, “You get a triple double, you get a triple double, you get a triple double, everybody gets a triple double!” Now, this is a reply to JJ, but Champions, I agree that a triple double is an incredibly difficult stat to attain. It requires teammates who can score when you get them the ball, and in Walton’s case “bigs” who block out their man so a 6’1 guard can “sky” for rebounds without 6’'8 and 6’10 guys getting in the way. AND, while Walton is a distributor, many of his shots were assisted so teammates had to get him the ball. It’s a great individual stat and a real credit to both Caris and DWalt, but it’s a team stat, too. So…will we get another triple double this year? Probably not, but isn’t it fun to speculate and talk about. Go Blue!