Andrew Dakich and Duncan Robinson made a podcast


The Dak and Dunc Show by WCBN Sports


Just listened to the last two. Very enjoyable.


I’ve gotta try it out


It’s a pretty good one. All over the place in the first three episodes but that’s what one should expect from college kids. It’s a funny podcast and if you’re a Michigan, fan it’s definitely worth giving a try.


Does Duncan sound differently than what everyone expected/has heard from him on TV?


Mo came on and said “you guys pretty much sucked before I got here” and I lost it hahaha


It’s hilarious how candid they are on the show. Nice to hear what they really think of themselves when they’re not in front of the media. Duncan blatantly admits to being a bad defender.


Most recent episode with Caris there was a good amount of DJ/Moe testing NBA waters talk…


Duncan is a natural. Extremely entertaining stuff.


Great stuff by these guys. Really blown away at the overall quality and on mic rapport of these two. The first episode is kinda brutal in terms of the lack of organization. But after that they really seem to hit their stride. Episode 4 with caris was awesome. Both have great voices for this kind of work.


Loved hearing Caris. It’s funny to hear them and their guests so relaxed…


New episode posted!


Podcast is entertaining. Duncan has talent as a talk show host for sure.


Just noticed that they released a new episode last week.


Nigel Hayes on today’s episode.


I have really enjoyed listening to all these. Cool to hear the players be more “real.” IMO, Duncan is a lot better at it than Dakich, who seems to get off on tangents and jumps from thought to thought.


Ever heard his dad talk on radio? Same thing happens lol


Dak and Dunc came out with a farewell episode last night, after not recording for three months. Haven’t listened yet, but the description says they will discuss Dakich moving on to OSU, reflect on their podcast, and talk about what comes next.


Yeah, they do. Dakich ends it with a ‘Go Bucks’ which I’m sure everyone will love :slight_smile:

Nothing too crazy in there, just that it was an opportunity that he couldn’t pass up. They very briefly talk about the freshmen in there as well.