An inside look at Juwan Howard from someone who covers him


@umhoops Can i say this now? :rofl:

“Welp, Dylan doesnt just write articles and interviews on a whim without a basis… I view this as foreshadowing the hire”


If he’s willing to put the effort needed into it, he’ll destroy on the recruiting trail


Certainly looks that way. I suppose it depends how his interview goes but I would not be surprised to see this wrap up soon.


I have some hope for Michigan basketball to not only maintain but go forth and improve. I just hope this means what I think it means. Some fabulous five years ahead, Go Blue!


A great timely piece by Dylan. Just curious what is Five Reason Sports?


I’m excited.


“Weak side help is a constant”


So…who would Juwan bring with him as his offensive coordinator?

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I was just typing exactly that.

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Certainly, keeping Haynes is a possibility. Everyone understand the appeal of having some continuity.
DeAndre hasn’t been getting the same love as Yak and Saddi on that front, but would seemingly be a better fit than our defense and bigs coaches, respectively.


One of the only outlets I can find that has written any kind of feature or story on Juwan.

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I think it would be absolutely critical to hire an assistant with college head coaching experience.


Now this is what I’ve been waiting for. The media keeps interviewing the other Fab Five guys, but I’ve wanted to hear more from people who aren’t close personal friends of his.

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Who are the offense-oriented former head coaches that are currently assistants or unemployed that check off the UM AD’s boxes?


Probably all over the place, I assume Juwan has a staff in mind when he went into his interview. Otherwise his interview probably didn’t go that well.

Someone dug up a name the other day with connections to Juwan, but I can’t find it.


Yup, have to imagine one of the primary questions in the interview would have been about his staffing plans…I’d imagine for any candidate, but more of a priority for a candidate not currently in the college game.


This would be a big change from Yaklich, and also a big reason I don’t think Yaklich would be on Howard’s staff.

Yaklich’s defense does NOT help very much and relies on solid man to man principles. Rewatch the Villanova game if you want any indication of that.

If Juwan comes in that seems like it will change completely as per Dylan’s piece, not sure Yak will be on board with that.

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FWIW, one of the first things I ever remember Yaklich saying when he arrived was “the help never gets beat”. I am not sure that it means it would that radically different of a defensive approach, especially just from a few high-level observations of Miami’s defense.

That being said, Yaklich may not want to stick around for a job to coach under Howard and might have better opportunities elsewhere.

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I have a feeling that if Juwan gets hired, Yaklich follows Beilein to Cleveland (and not to Texas with Shaka).

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