All Big Ten Teams

Just a week away from the end of the regular season, thought I would make some predictions for the all-big ten teams. Here it is:

1st Team
Peter Jok
Melo Trimble
Miles Bridges
Ethan Happ
Caleb Swanigan

2nd Team
Bryant McIntosh
Derrick Walton Jr
Scottie Lindsey
Nick Ward
Moe Wagner

I know I missed some big names like Bronson Koenig and Isaac Haas, and despite the conference being weaker than years past, the Big Ten isn’t short on talent.

Let me know what you guys think.

You forgot a really big name, Derrick Walton, Jr. I think he’s got a very legit shot at first team all conference. There’s no way he’s not making at least 2nd team.


I definitely think Walton ends up on 1st or 2nd team–depending a little on how we finish the last 2 games, because so much is up in the air for so many teams–but it is pretty hard to figure out who to leave out at the guard spots with Jok, Trimble, McIntosh, Mason, Walton, and Lindsey. It usually seems like the guys on the better teams get the nod, but the 2-8 standings are so jumbled.

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I think Bridges and Swanigan are the only locks. Trimble, Jok and Happ have stumbled of late. I think Walton makes first team and probably McIntosh. Wagner is a lock for second team or better.

I thought about putting Walton over Mason on the second team but Minnesota has been hot. Hopefully he makes it on there.

Walton is averaging 16.1 points 5.4 rebounds and 4.3 assists in conference play and you don’t have him in your top 10?
Yet Nick Ward at 15.7 points and 5.7 rebounds is in your top 10?

Fat chance.


Wait, so you left him off on purpose???

I edited my post and put Derrick on the 2nd team. Clearly I wasn’t using my head and was trying to avoid any bias, but Walton has been great this year and should be recognized for it.

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Understandable. I think Walton has been better than Wagner, though.

Pretty solid list otherwise. Good stuff.

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