All-Beilein Era Team: Shooting Guard

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Did you know Stu is STILL playing pro ball? not a bad career. And that MSU game was my first Mich BBall game after like a 20 year absence. still have great memories, and started a decade run! Aneurysm of Leadership!

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Yep – Stu is still playing. He’s carved out quite a niche in Israel.

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You didn’t say it wasn’t but just to clearly give credit where it’s due…the aneurysm of leadership was Zach and not Stu. Deeply appreciate the contribution of all those guys.

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Fun piece. Nice to be putting these players into perspective. Re-watching those two great shots by Stu especially gratifying.

Makes me think you could do a piece on Beilein’s most iconic games. The UCLA game, several MSU games, Louisville (natch). . .


Didn’t we see a stretch of Poole dominance for a month? His numbers in November and December of last year were insane.

Great list. The Stu shots were nice to see again.

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Hadn’t though about how many of my favorites played the 2. Great to review them. I am a happy guy if the future holds more like them. Wagner and Bajema look like candidates.

My favorite Stu moment was the dunk to go up 30 (!!!) against Tennessee in the NCAA tournament. The very first moment under JB where I felt an overwhelming “I can’t believe this is happening” feeling. It was a decade in the making.


Air Stu was a legendary moment. I will never not +1 anyone bringing it back up again.


The thing that stands out the most about MAAR and Levert is that when everyone else was standing around picking their noses, those guys would go out and get a bucket. They were never passive players. When Michigan needed someone to be aggressive and push the ball to the hoop, you could always count on those two guys.

That behind the back pass from Morris wasn’t shabby, either.


such a spot on description of that moment! The other time I felt similarly was when we were stomping Florida and Albrecht came in with the steal lay-up and long assist for a dunk…en route to the final four. Epic times.

If we had an All-Beilein Era “moment” team, what’s the top 5?


My personal top 10 (in no order)

  1. Burke shot vs. Kansas
  2. Poole vs. Houston
  3. JMo dunk against Syracuse
  4. Albrecht steal/layup vs. Florida
  5. Stauskas game-winning shot at Kohl
  6. Stu shot at Breslin
  7. Stu dunk vs Tennessee
  8. Burke steal/layup off Appling
  9. Irvin/Walton on the podium after winning the Big Ten Tournament post-plane crash
  10. Charles Matthews stares down Nick Ward

And that doesn’t include GRIII buzzer beater against Purdue, wins against Duke and UCLA in Beilein Year 2, Stauskas blowing kisses at Breslin, the 2019 thrashings of UNC/Villanova. Damn, what a decade.


Couple more that deserve honorable mention at a minimum:
Mo putting Ward on his rear
That first tourney invite being announced
Teske’s dunk with X’s mean mug against Purdue


Great list. Some awesome moments there.

Other honorable mentions:
Novak timeout at MSU
D-Mo threading the needle from half court to J-Mo
D-Mo telling Kalin Lucas to get the F off of his court
Stauskas buzzer beater at Illinois when the fans were chanting USA


Those are all great lists that I could never have enumerated myself, but I am happy to say I remember every one of those moments.

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Colton Christian making one of his two shots all year against MSU

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Chatman game winner over Crean


Manny Harris icing the game against Clemson