All-Beilein Era Team: Combo Forward

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Love these lists. Cant wait to see the 5s. Just out of curiosity, what is the rationale for Mclimans and Bielfedt being 4s and not 5s. Not that either move the needle at either position likely, just curious that dissection (or maybe it’s just me poor memory).

I would chalk that up to poor filtering of the Excel sheet. Both guys probably belong on the five list, but I didn’t notice because I wasn’t really considering them to be on the top five list. That’s my bad.

I’ve been thinking about how I would rank these guys since the wings list, and still hadn’t decided, so well done. Only Novak and Livers have shot charts reflective of the wings. I maintain that although the Beinlein 3 and 4 are the same position on paper (in theory) the reality is they were played differently more often than not.

This one is really tough. I agree with Livers at 5 and Puppy at 1. I have no idea how to rate Wilson and Iggy – I think I think Iggy’s one year was better (wins and banners are team achievements, not individual achievements – this is a consistent beef I’ve had w/ your ratings). I want to say Wilson was kind of hit or miss even in his good year and that Iggy was more reliable, but Iggy had some dud games too. It could be that I remember Wilson’s duds more clearly because they were more important (because his team was better). And what to do w/ ZN is really hard. Lowest PER, lowest win shares/minute played, lowest usage … big program impact. Anyway, this was a great review.

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That’s true, but as far as legacy in the program I think they matter.

Agree with this post. Iggy at 4 is the only ranking yet I disagree at all with. It’s a polarizing topic to think about, ranking Iggy, DJ and Novak. So different in style, individual accomplishments and team results. I see both sides. When DJ Wilson left for the draft, despite the sweet 16 run and the conference tournament title, it felt pretty unfulfilling because we only got to see DJ as an impact player, go-to type for maybe 25% of a season. Iggy asserted himself as an impact guy from the moment he stepped on campus. I’ll never forget the flexing on UNC and Villanova. There was a feeling all year that this team had “it”, and Iggy was usually the reason why to me. While it was sad to see him leave and the team come short of a big ten title, they still made the sweet 16 and Iggy’s dominance is probably the one thing I’ll remember most from the 2018-2019 season. Novak’s senior year losing to Ohio and Wilson’s missed box out against Oregon sting just as bad as Texas Tech and Cassius Winston besting Iggy and his teammates, but I don’t think that should tarnish his legacy in relation to the other two.

If I was drafting a team, it would be DJ (along with Trey, Caris, Nik and Moe). But, if you’re going by body of work, GR3 and Novak make sense.

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The way I was processing the disparity between an Iggy and a Novak is win shares per game played.

Iggy 0.149
GRob 0.132
Novak 0.094
DJ 0.077
Livers 0.075

Certainly, I would expect Isaiah’s to rise, and DJ’s was prob weighed down by the beginning of his career (would be interesting what just his post-“emergence” (to use Dylan’s word) number would be). But otherwise, this does feel right in terms of impact.


This is an interesting way to look at it. Data comes out pretty well to my subjective taste. This is a kind of weird position to think about, bc in Beilein’s system, despite the clear path to the pros, this was the ‘servant’ position (not KD servant!). It’s just striking that Iggy & Robinson are so head and shoulders separate from the rest by this metric. That’s right. And yet, Iggy played it so differently than GRob. This is totally personal, but to me, Robinson was the aesthetic ideal. (I’m sure B and all of us loved having Iggy!)

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Yes, this is correct.