All-Beilein Era Team: Center

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Finally wrapped this series up! Hope you guys enjoyed them, thought it was something a bit different for a slower period.


Really nice series, Dylan. Thanks.


Wheres the All-Beilein Era Bench Mob?


Dakich #1?

Fred Wright-Jones has gotta be up there.

He got demoted

On the shot charts (particularly Jordan Morgan’s), what does a dot inside of the hex mean?

Just a glitch in my code that I haven’t fixed. They are lumped into zones for the coloring (based on the zone average) but those are right along the border of different zones which causes an issue.

Jordan Poole the only player that will make it on here twice

McGary would have to be on the Bench Mob team.


This series is one of your crowning accomplishments, Dylan. And those McGary highlights brought a no-foolin’ tear to my eye.


This has been fantastic. Thank you. And I’m so glad you finally shot the five-fecta. This one is 100% spot on.

Sims was so weird, but that kid played his heart out for some bad Michigan teams. Not sure he could have played as a 4 or 5 on a good Beilein team, but I would have loved to have seen him on one of those really good rosters. Could have been a gamechanging member of BENCH-MOB.

So difficult to rank 2 thru 4. Arguments for any of them.

Sims could have played on our best teams anyday.


Yeah, I would have loved to see Peedi as a piece on one of Beilein’s better and more balanced teams compared to when him and Manny had to do basically everything.

Enjoyed this very much, thank you.

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My lasting Peedi memory is that one point loss to MSU in his senior year where Kalin Lucas bagged the go ahead shot and Sims had a layup (he was fouled!) roll off the rim. He was on BTN’s The Journey with his head in his locker mumbling “maaan I don’t want to play sports anymore”.

Utterly heart breaking.

Sims deserved better that year - Harris basically quit, Morris, Novak, Stu weren’t ready, Lucas-Perry was a passive waste.

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No…I would say Cj Lee…the Datch maybe…