Against Northwestern, Franz Wagner shows all he can be


Good stuff thank you.
I enjoyed Coach Howard taking credit for the move. It proved to be the right one. Didn’t work out so well the first few minutes of the game, but Wagner proved up to the task. Great team win.

Not many (any?) coaching moves have ever worked so well. If we thought X would be hard to replace, I don’t if want to think about replacing Franz. But then I don’t have to for a few months.

Sorry ‘even’ not ‘if’ above.

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What Franz did yesterday legally qualifies as an abuse. I hope no policemen watched the game. I also hope Chet watched the game so that he can put himself in Franze’s shoes. Imagine a lineup of HD at the 5, Musa at the 4, Chet at the 3 and Houstan at the 2. The only question is if this team would be better than the Fab 5.

I enjoyed this read. Thanks again Ethan.

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I’m with Chaundee. Franz is a pro. Let’s enjoy him while we can.

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I echo that!