Adjustments that need to be made before another game

  1. Baseline inbounding: It would be great if we could get the ball in without having a turnover. I would be happy if that could be accomplished, let alone becoming Brad Stevens on baseline in bounding plays.

  2. Morgan is too valuable to be in foul trouble: I don’t have the stats, but I believe we are worse (point differential) with him on the bench. Horford has really struggled over the last week and I don’t see that ever changing so we can not afford Morgan ever getting in foul trouble for the remaining game(s).

  3. Limit stupid turnovers: I always hated when Stu made the one handed passes and Nik has made a few of those that have resulted in “touchdowns.” But we have also had turnovers today simply because we couldn’t dribble the basketball.

Stop dribble penetration. We give up way too many lay ups. I think it would be shocking to see how many of those we gave up in the BTT. It is a big reason why opposing teams have such good shooting averages against us.

Well, we’ve played 33 games, so the extent that we can still make adjustments to stop what other teams try to do in general is questionable. Bottom line, we’re just not a very good defensive team, and we’re not going to become one any time in the next week or two. We’ll go as far in the tournament as our offense takes us, and if we hit a bad shooting night, that’ll be tough to survive.

We have a reasonable chance to crack the Sweet 16, and anything after that is gravy. McGary was one of the main reasons we went so far last year, and we have no one comparable this year. If Horford could start contributing again, that would boost our chances, but I’m not hugely optimistic about that. It’s going to be very difficult to beat any of the top seeds in our regional without better inside play, so to get further than the round of 16 is going to take a little luck.