A stat to think about before Friday

Xavier rebounded 50% of its misses in its season opener against Miami (OH)

That’s going to be a very difficult rebounding challenge for Michigan.

Agreed, just happy they don’t have Stainbrook returning he would have been a load. To add on this UConn rebounded 14 of their 30 misses against Maine. I realize it’s Maine but UConn has some size as well which will present a challenge.

Yeah, I’m not feeling so good about Xavier after the NMU game. Offense didn’t look very good for the majority of the game.
Maybe it will take a first half butt whooping to get these guys to play with more urgency. Maybe it will happen tonight against Elon.

Our offense is going to have to get a lot more efficient. Sub 35% three point shooting is not going to get it done most nights unless our rebounding gets a lot better. Hopefully Irvin will be back by Friday, but not at all sure about our bigs at this point.

The stat I’m following closely this year is Michigan’s 2-point shooting. When U-M is getting and making twos at a high-level, it means the offense is working.

There will always be good and bad three-point games, but look back at some of JB’s best offenses and how efficiently they scored inside the arc.

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Man, those missed bunnies are frustrating. Walton and LeVert had a few nice dishes get wasted.

Jalen Reynolds is a beast. I always wished we would have gotten this local prospect.

He has a lot of talent, but there were definitely some other issues with his recruitment. Great to see a local kid succeeding though.

I think we see a lot of DJ Wilson at the 5 Friday to match up with Reynolds’ athleticism. Should be a good one.

From what I’ve heard those issues have persisted through college. Has had some incidents that have been covered up.


Even recently. It was an open secret on campus that he was investigated for some domestic violence issues this summer… Charges never saw the light of day though.

Honestly still scratching my head as to why Donnal is starting. All the fives have done a mediocre-to-poor job rebounding so far but Donnal gets pushed around mercilessly down low and has great difficulty finishing open layups. Move DJ to the five exclusively (first off the bench after Ricky) and get Wagner some more minutes. He’s skinnier (not 20 pounds skinnier!) but he makes up for it with an energy that is otherwise lacking. And Wagner is not afraid of physical contact.

Yyyeah I should have been more clear…from a basketball talent perspective.

6’9" kid from Detroit that plays with a chip on his shoulder and can throw down the slamma jamma…