A painful stat

Michigan is making more of its threes (42.9%) than twos (41.1%) through three Big Ten games.

For perspective, Wolverines were best two-point shooting team in the Big Ten for the last two seasons: 53.9% and 51.7%.

Even yesterday, when Michigan had a pretty solid 2P% it was due to 56% mid-range jump shooting despite 41% shooting at the rim. This team just really struggles to finish at the bucket.

the downfall of this team. Nobody can consistently get there and miss when they do.

I don’t think anybody expected to miss Glenn’s finishing ability as much as we do.

Walton - can’t finish due to injury; I give him the benefit of the doubt because he did show the ability to finish last year, although not consistently

Levert - has the ability to finish, but goes up soft routinely, partly because of lack of strength and in part because he is soft…he is simply a finesse player

Irvin - started off the year finishing so well…don’t know what’s happened as of late. Seems to have enough strength, slightly above average verticality…but once against, he is soft

Chatman - just downright terrible at finishing, doesn’t even attempt to get the requisite elevation to finsih with authority. His softness is a major, major issue

Doyle - above average finisher, will only get better with an additional 3-4 inches of verticality with Sanderson

Albrecht - never going to be a good finisher, lacks size and athelticism to to do it

Donnal - same as Kam…downright soft despite the fact that appears to have decent verticality at 6’8 - 6’9

Dawkins - not a large enough sample size to make a conclusion

Max - lacks size/athelticism to be a good finisher

2 problems stick out to me - softness and lack of athleticism

I don't think anybody expected to miss Glenn's finishing ability as much as we do.

Don’t forget JoMo, he was equally as important. I wrote about it a few times this summer I believe, but frustrating to watch.