A note on private messages

I’ve received a couple of notes about inappropriate discourse in private messages. All of the same forum rules apply to private message conversations as well. If someone is showing some sort of abusive behavior via private message, please flag the conversation and report it for moderation so that we can take action.

It is not appropriate to attack people via private message.

To flag a PM, follow these two steps:

  1. Click the … under the message:

  2. Click the flag icon and follow the prompt


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Big fan of the snipping tool Dylan?

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Snipping tool is the best!


Snipping Tool is a fantastic app. I get anxiety just looking at the little note that has shown up in it for the last few months that says it is going away soon.

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I don’t want to disparage other Michigan blogs/forums… but this was disheartening to hear. I think we all agree that this type of shenanigan is not the norm here :frowning:

It’s been a roller coaster of an offseason, but come on y’all. This is petty internet trolling. We’re so much better than this.