A couple thoughts about civilized discussion about transfers

First, I have read here and elsewhere that someone “has” to transfer because of the scholarship crunch. I don’t believe that’s the case because Beilein has made clear that it is not – that they’ve been considering the issue for a while and have a plan:

“We have a plan that’s in place if … hopefully, we have no attrition, . . . we have a plan for that.”

It’s not clear what that plan is – perhaps it’s an in-state kid paying his way for a year, or a prep year, I don’t know,. But even recently Beilein has discussed his preference to get everyone back:

“For us to go from 16 wins to 23 wins with everybody coming back, it’s a great step in the right direction.”

Second, people seem to suggest that some player “is likely” to transfer, or that “they hope” so and so transfers. But they don’t seem to have any idea of the players’ actual plans or do any research. For instance, I’ve read people say they hope Chatman transfers. Well:

“Kameron’s never sweated it,” Canaan Chatman said. “He just got the keys for his apartment for (this) spring. He loves the culture, loves his coaches, but more importantly he loves his teammates.”

“Kameron Chatman plans to spend part of the summer on campus at Michigan working on his game and preparing for next season. Michigan has only two senior guards this year, so playing time won’t be a given next season.”


Sure, anything could happen, plans change, etc. And I’ve noticed that some of the most vocal “fans” calling for transfers aren’t alumni. But as an alum and someone who follows the program and players pretty closely, I encourage others to take a second before publicly calling for players to transfer. It seems to make some folks feel pretty boss dishing hot takes or whatever, but it’s empty fandom.


I think for the most part (at least with me), it’s a natural curiosity as to how next year is gonna look. It’s a certain fascination with roster management/projection just like recruiting. But I see what you mean about it being insensitive to the players. Although, I’m not sure what other options there are. I think if a player took an official visit there are restrictions as to how they can give up their scholarship or something, and we only have two in state players: Derrick and Austin. And then idk if you can do a prep year after signing your LOI.

But yeah, at the very least people should not be gleefully talking about players transferring.

People are talking about transfers because they’re over the limit right now. That situation was created by Beilein himself so I don’t see why we can’t discuss this. Trust me I think it’s more likely they have more than 1 transfer than just the 1 to fit the roster properly.

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Sure, and obviously this is a message board and talk about next year is a good, natural thing, which can include some conjecture about whether a player might leave. I just think there’s not much to be gained about wildly speculating about transfers before they happen, and at least a little decorum can be employed. I mean, yes, these guys signed up for being in the spotlight, but they’re also 19 or 20 year old kids at the ol’ alma mater…

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As I said, Beilein has stated for a long time that he had a plan (please read above) and quite consistently that he hopes everyone comes back. There may very well be transfers, but trust me that I think that you know nothing about it than what you made up or read on a message board.

Thanks for the refreshing post.

Austin Davis will go to prep school for a year if no one transfers

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If that’s the case they wouldn’t have any room for 2017 but Beilein is still recruiting for 2017. It doesn’t take much to read the tea leaves.

Nobody is speculating as I just said earlier you just need to read the tea leaves. You’re referring to coach speak. There isn’t a coach out there that will say “time to process and run off some players to make room.” Sure he wants everybody to stay he’s paid to say that. On the other hand when he has meetings with players some players will hear things that they don’t want to hear or what they envisioned and that’s when choices start being made.


…the one exception is Tom Crean…they call it Spring Creaning for a reason!

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Yes, because reading tea leaves is very different than speculating.

As for 2017, Donnal was listed as a junior this year and could remain on that path – i.e., JB could choose to at least wait and see how things play out and use Donnal’s scholarship after his fourth year. That’s another scholarship already for '17. That means only one player has to transfer (or enter the draft or have an injury or whatever) over the next two offseasons and you’d have space for a 3-man class.

And what exactly does pushing people out the door get JB now? Maybe, what, you push two guys out so you can get Spike back for a year, and who even knows about his health? In '17 you get to keep Donnal on for a fifth? He might want those things, but it’s not like JB is going to turn this into ISU and bring in a bunch of transfers every year. And he has seen first hand how injuries can pile up quickly and probably likes the idea of having experienced depth on the roster.

And a coach doesn’t have to go out of his way, repeatedly, to say that everyone’s coming back, and the players don’t have to repeat it on multiple occasions, as they have.

But do I think it’s quite possible that someone will transfer this summer? Sure. Could I list a guy or two I think is most likely to fit the bill after meeting with the coaches? Sure. But such speculation – and that’s what it is – is not going to accomplish much, and certainly being a jerk about it won’t.

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And they won a B1G title and still playing basketball this year… Maybe there’s something to that. I am not sure they will beat UNC but for this team to win a B1G title without Blackmon, Robert Johnson banged up, Juwan Morgan hurt that’s an impressive feat.

That’s all very well put. Only the staff and players know the full extent of what could happen in order to shape the roster and scholarship count, next year. There is nothing wrong with suggesting that a transfer is possible, but actively promoting the (forced) departure of a kid who has already assimilated into a great school, in a great city, on a great team is disrespectful. And there are just too many factors for us to make transfer projections based solely on who we would prefer on the team.

While it is bad to publically state a certain player should transfer or promote that this kid should go, I think it’s okay to discuss roster management. In fact, even people in the media are discussing that UM needs to make roster changes. If your expectations are that UM should go to the final four every 3 - 4 years and you want a team that can compete with MSU, OSU and IU, it needs more talented players. Certain players on this roster do not have the talent to take the team on a deep run in the tourney.


Aren’t there guys like that on every team?

Every roster? No