A closer look at Michigan's recent defensive issues


Really hard to tell how much is luck too. Duane Washington Jr. shoots 40% from three on the season, but the only games he shot at least 40% from three since January 26 were the two Michigan games and Nebraska. In four games he failed to make a three. The only two games he even played more than thirty minutes were the two Michigan games and Nebraska.

Without doing any looking, I attributed the perimeter defensive slide to Eli not playing against Wisconsin and maybe playing less than 100% against Ohio. Any truth to this @umhoops?

There have been issues particularly mid season but I’m convinced this years roster with all its deficiencies is the most unlucky Michigan team I can remember. It’s much better than the record indicates and with normal luck would have 4 more wins minimum.

I can’t remember another year where so many guys got ungodly hot and in which a team just overall had horrible breaks ( refs, injuries, crazy makes by opposition versus good d ect) In most other years this team would have at least 3-5 more wins convinced.

Obviously some of it is the rosters short comings, cold shooting, bad decisions, poor communication on d, guys taking turns going ice cold ect. But this roster has definitely had more bad breaks and did that really just happen? Moments than any I can remember.

It gives me hope that if livers can get his health right here late that these things will even out and we could see a deep deep run. I believe this roster has it in it. Livers getting healthy along with Johns and ddj finding themselves again here and we could be back in business.

Franz looks like he has found his groove and z is a beast. Imagine if livers could find himself again and Johns and ddj start to play like we saw on our win streak? A roster with z, Eli, Franz, livers , Johns, and ddj all cooking and teske playing great d and that is a very tough out.

It’s a big if as consistency has been a problem but the potential is there. We’ve seen it in spurts which is why it’s been so frustrating. I’m praying they get it together just in time.

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Also someone mentioned this previously but I really think sitting livers out at least vs Nebraska and maybe versus Maryland makes sense. His health isn’t there again as you can see by his defense. He never gets blown by like that even versus smaller guards and lately he’s been abused.

His versatility in d is part of why he is so great and I think it’s in his head now and effecting his offense which is usually so reliable and efficient. His scoring/ shooting and finishing on breaks is much needed for a roster having issues with shooting,

Might make sense to let Johns try and get going again in big minutes while shutting livers down all week. Could really kill two birds with one stone and get both back to playing at a high level.

Maybe not sitting him out but cutting back on his court time game situation depending would help him with this as well.