3 point shooting

Without Livers our 4 best 3 point shooter seem to be Eli, Johns, DDJ and (gulp) X.

Percentage wise those 4 are our best but I also think those 4 are the closest to being on target even when they miss.

In contrast, IMO, Wagner, Teske, and Nunez have lower percentages but they also have a high percentage of shots where they miss by mile when they miss. It just does not seem like good shooters miss by that much so regularly.

I am a lot more confident in the top 4 shooting than those bottom 3.

Call me crazy but X only shoots 33% but most of his shots have a good chance of going in. I actually want him to shoot more and Teske/ Wagner to shoot less. I want X to shoot more against MSU specifically. We know they are going to give the 3 to X. I think his shot has improved and I think he can hit them.

X is outperforming his reputation as a horrible 3 point shooter. I think we should use his bad reputation against MSU.

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I don’t see how anyone could put Franz in the category with Nunez and Teske. He had 3 rim out yesterday.


Because his % is far more similar to them than the others.

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I really don’t want to see Teske shoot another three all year, but I’ll settle for a max of one per game.


My observations have a huge element of subjectivity for sure. Many of Franz’s shots look way off to me. It is just my impression. I am very impressed with Franz as an all around player, however. Big time potential.

Well he takes way more than anyone else on our team on a per game basis besides Brooks and Livers so it’s not a 1 to 1 comparison. Every 3 X and Teske take is beyond wide open.

Yeah…but so were most of Franz’s yesterday. How’s this: he’s somewhere between the two poles.

Franz still projects as a 38-41% 3-point shooter in my eyes, but something is definitely a little off with his long ball. It’s not off by much at all, but its off. He has lots of good looking shots rim out, something that doesn’t happen to him in shootaround. He has a BIG offseason ahead. I think he will be a national most-improved-player candidate next year and that’s impressive considering that he is already very valuable now.

Yeah, as I mentioned in the game thread yesterday I think we are paying the price for Mo. Beilein I think really wanted to keep that 1-5 popup after how dominant it was with Mo, so he tried to force something that wasn’t there, and now we have to see Teske put out .777 PPP on threes. Just wasting possessions

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Put another way: I hated that x took all those consecutive 3’s last year against State. I am not so sure X shooting more against state, with this roster, would bother me at all. State will likely give X that shot. I think we should take it.

In my eyes, if X is shooting a lot of 3s then he’s having trouble getting into the paint and breaking down the defense from there and we’re probably screwed anyway.


Teske has shot 7/33 (21%) on 3’s in Big Ten play. At what point do you give him the red light? Most of his attempts havent even been getting above the rim…


Oh, we are probably screwed against MSU anyway! Haha. I just have no idea how to beat MSU this year.

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I’ve gotten to a point where I just feel like Cassius has UM’s number and will until he graduates. In the last 4 meetings (since that Sam Webb tweet) he has been absolutely unstoppable against us. I would much rather face Miles Bridges and Jaren Jackson and Nick Ward than Winston and any surrounding group.

Yes, part of their success in keeping him out of the paint is giving him 3’s. I am proposing we just take what they give us. I was wondering how other people felt about it. I think X has improved his shot from horrible to below average but our other TOP shooters (not named Livers) are somewhere between below average and ok.

It hasn’t even been a whole week since Teske hit a huge 3 against Rutgers. Red light is a bit drastic.

I’m fine with a red light honestly. Every three he hits is big because it’s never expected to go in. His shooting isn’t adding space to our offense and when he shoots we are scoring like .8 PPP so there are no real upsides right now. If he takes 1 a game I’m fine


One a game, maybe 2 would be fine, especially if Livers comes back and takes some of those extra attempts.