23 Wins, Round of 64, Still Playing. This team has

…Well, it’s not 100% clear what this team has. Hard to say poise, exactly, and their offense has fallen off somewhat, and while the defense is much improved it’s not amazing. But this team plays together and now hard consistently, with enough grit and with guys doing just enough scoring, especially late in games, to be putting together a pretty decent season. 23 wins, 10-8 road/neutral record, still only one loss to a team outside kenpom’s top 31 (@OSU), still playing in the round of 64. Not always the prettiest, even frustrating to watch, to watch sometimes this year, but really happy for the guys and gratifying for a fan to see some success, and let’s just see if they can’t keep it going another game.

The second half defensive effort was certainly lacking last night. But, we do seem to have some ability to grit out wins against middling to good teams…and that has been encouraging to a certain extent. I’m still never comfortable with this team, just don’t know if the effort is going to be there on a nightly basis. Our margin for error is VERY small, we need to have 110% effort at all times. It generally fluctuates from 30% (SMU) to 75% (Tulsa), with the occasional 95-100% range (win vs. Purdue). IMO, that has to change in order to account for lack of athleticism.

I do like the aggressiveness and decisiveness down the stretch from individual players, it reflects a sort of mental toughness.

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Can we continue to survive with poor guard play??

Agree, 23 wins without Spike and Lavert, I think most would have taken that at the beginning of the year.

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I think it’s an above average season with all things considered. Hopefully we can pull out one more win and give West Virginia a good game, maybe pull that one out. We will see but we are definitely playing a whole lot tougher than before this season. When we were down with a minute to go I was sure we would crumble. Irvin took a FEW dribbles and got himself a good look, 2nd time in 3 games he came to the rescue. I like our starting 5 but I’d love for wagner and chatman to be starting next year and for MAAR to come off the bench with Simpson. We will see, hoping for a strong finish.

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I think the fact that our wins vs. legit teams tend to be extremely close, whereas our losses are generally blow-outs taints the 23 wins a bit, and I’m sure most would agree. The implicit suggestion is that we need to play our absolute A game just to compete, or we get ran off the floor…and that’s probably true.

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MAAR off the bench?? Come on! Guy is better than Walton right now. Kam has shown very little to be a starter next year. He was atrocious in his limited time last night and this was backed up by JB going with Dawkins in the 2nd half.

If MAAR is regulated to coming off the bench next year he should transfer. I wouldn’t blame him one but.

MAAR’s game is that of a bench player. In one way is MAAR better than Walton, attacking the rim. That’s absolutely it. Stats don’t need to back that up as you’d be a fool to truly believe that. But in case you need some stats, Walton averages more points, rebounds, assists, steals, better fg%, and better ft%. But MAAR is better. This can’t be real life

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ND may be beatable but after that it’s a hard road indeed. Nothing that they’ve done this season projects to getting past WVU, so they just gotta throw out the script and go into full-on cinderella mode.

For me, cinderella mode involves:

  1. MAAR drives everything and gets opponents in foul trouble
  2. Transition buckets and punish every press … never try to slow things down when the opponent presses
  3. Wagner unleashed!
  4. 1-3-1 zone

HHave you watched Walton play the last 3 weeks??? He has been absolutely dreadful. If MAAR gets Waltons opportunities your precious stats would not be the same.

MAAR shot too many 3s last night. His biggest issue.

MAAR opens up the offense. You watch MAAR will be the main reason Michigan is in the game Friday.

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One thing for sure, they should have some toughness in the backcourt next year with Walton, MAAR and Simpson. I don’t care how they divide the 80 minutes, but those 3 need to get almost all of them and MAAR should get 30!

I think we may all be forgetting that Spike may return next year.

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If so who leaves??

Great question! Here was my sons perfect scenario. Davis with a prep year and a Wilson transfer allowing Albrecht a spot.

Great question, I have my preferred scenario, but how it plays out…who knows?

Yup, and probably even harder than not having them, having to adjust to not having them midyear.


Last 4 weeks or so. 11 games.
Walton - 11.7ppg 5.3rpg 5.7apg 1.7spg
MAAR - 12.8ppg 3.2rpg 2.3asp .8spg

If MAAR is better than Walton at ANYTHING other than finishing at the rim, I’ve never seen it.

Yeah, Irvin has played quite well down the stretch of games. I think the end of game scenario – and probably the timeouts and the drawing up of plays – focuses him (and everyone else). Definitely showing improved toughness as a group.

At first I thought you were joking in the other thread.

Now it’s clear you’re just delusional.

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Yes I must be. Stats don’t matter.