2024 NBA Playoffs Thread

The Bucks’ offseason is pretty fascinating

They sure didn’t seem like a title contender even with Giannis this season

But getting Dame for Jrue still makes some sense…until he ends up on their main rival

They’re in such a weird spot. They have absolutely nothing past their top 4. They’ve done a really bad job figuring out how to build depth so when they have any injuries at all it really kills them. And it also kills their top end in the playoffs bc their 5th starter is balls.

I’d certainly say they have a top 6. Portis is a really good role player and Beasley is a solid 3 and D type.

Indiana played Beasley off the floor. It’s why they had to (chose to?) give Pat Bev 30+ minutes a night. He’s a really poor defender.

Their fifth options are limited to guys who are easy targets on defense (Beasley and Portis) or offensively their only value is you pray they hit a few of their open threes (Connaughton, Crowder, Beverley, etc). The average JAS guys are particularly harmful around Giannis because that’s the shot you’ll give up in order to send a second guy to wall up against the spin move.

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I guess I confused defensive potential with defensive reality.

It looks like his defensive rating was okay his first year or two and then slipped. So, make that 3 and below average D.

Playing on four mostly bad teams in four years will make it easy to lose track of a guy.

I never really paid much of any attention to him until he got to Milwaukee, being a Celtics fan.

Damian Lillard is better than Steph Curry. He just didn’t have Draymond to carry him to rings. Healthy Giannis coupled with the clutchest playoff performer of all-time will give Bucks a ring next season

The DiVincenzo trade is brutal in hindsight. It’s the only draft pick they’ve hit on in the last 7-8 years.

Boston built their top 6 in part because the Jays are still on their second contracts before the huge one. But being able to have 7 & 8 in the rotation be cheaper homegrown draft picks is huge for them.

To be fair, the Bucks aren’t the only team taht gave up on Donte (Warriors could have definitely used him back), and this three-point shooting season is one of the biggest “out of nowhere” seasons in NBA history.

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I wonder whether DJ Wilson was given a ring, since he was on the Bucks for a chunk of that title season?

RIP to the logo, Jerry West.


Oh, literally Jerry West died. I thought you meant the NBA was changing its logo and I was very surprised. RIP Jerry.

West a top 20 player all time and arguably top 1 exec, true legend


The most important Laker ever, in my opinion.

A sort of cool factoid on Jerry: with his pending admission to the HOF as a “Contributor” (executive) he will be the only three-time entrant in the HOF (pro player, Olympian, contributor).

West also averaged 24 ppg as a collegiate player on 56% TS without a three point line which is pretty impressive for a guard, and true to his NBA career, lost a national title game by a point, so the fact he’s not in there is pretty sus.


And Chet Walker passed away at 84. Played HS ball at Benton Harbor. Member of 68-13 1967 76’ers. Hall of Famer. RIP Chet Walker


Porzingis out tonight. Must win for Mavs

No Porzingis tonight. Boston has a decision to make with Kornet or Tillman as backup big. I’m gonna guess they go Tillman for a little more mobility but either will probably just play out of a drop.

Horford’s 29 minutes is also gonna have to likely stretch to 34-35.

Dallas sinking way further into the lane off ball. Kind of playing that in between area. Boston needs to let it fly from 3.

Dallas has attacked Hauser every time he’s been on the floor this whole series and haven’t gotten much.