2023 NBA Playoffs Thread

Duncan Robinson leading the team in points (18) and having half the team’s assists (9) probably does not bode well for the Heat


I really think the Celtics are going pull this off

me too unfortunately

I don’t like this.

Jimmy Buttler is a choking dog. Utterly disgusting

Boston is making all the shots to win. Miami is toast

The Duncan Difference!!!

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Duncan sees green jerseys and starts attacking the rim

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Duncan playin fiery. You could tell when he got in the game. Competing on defense knowing they’re going to go after him. You could feel he was going to hit some big shots.


Bam Adebayo just cost them the series.

The Heat are working in the weirdest full game shooting split in history

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My god

Arrest Al Horford for a murder

This game sucks. I am so grossed out. All that hard work to climb back undone. Back in the fkng hole.

Bam is such a weird all star caliber player

Hyper athletic 26 year old just getting BEASTED by grandpa


I had to turn it off. I am so disgusted

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I am watching Chris Chelios break down DAL-VGK Game 5

Jimmy butler doesn’t deserve to have Duncan on his team :joy::joy:

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Zone wrinkle throwing them off

Duncan hesitated

Duncan :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: