2022 NBA Playoffs Open Thread

It’s that time of year again. Which first round matchups interest you? I think about four of them could be competitive.

Warriors-Nuggets should feature the most beautiful basketball.
Celtics-Nets. Can Durant will the banged up Nets past the red hot Celtics?
76ers-Raptors. The best post player in the league versus position-less basketball.

Unfortunately with Luka out that series may not be worth much.

The play-in games, particularly Clippers vs Narlins, have been so intense. Playoff NBA as summer approaches has become a pleasant treat and the NBA is the best it’s been in a while.

I think 76ers crush the TRaptors. Warriors vs Nuggets will be great but Steph-Klay-Draymond-Poole will prove to be too much for Jokic.

Celtics vs Nets should be the most competitive series. I don’t think highly of the Celtics but their record doesn’t lie and despite KD being a walking bucket Nets play worse than the sum of their parts.

Jazz Mavericks, I don’t know. Hopefully Luka can get healthy.

I think Heat vs Atlanta will be the most entertaining because of none other than Trae Young. There’s this spark in the air around Trae Young when the playoffs come about. He’s amazing and I wouldn’t count him out as the Heat struggled to close the season.


I can’t decide what I think of Trae.

Let’s start with I love that he wants to be a baddie. However, the way he plays is often kind of boring, PnR, PnR, PnR… And then I basically look for reasons to blame him every time the other team scores. He is so dreadful. And once he passes he is out of the play, and that’s annoying from such a good player and shooter.

But then twice a quarter he throws a pass or shoots a 33’ footer and it is so outrageous and contagious and I find myself realizing I like most of the other Hawks and they give him the ball willingly so he can’t be a total putz …

Ah, I dunno.


I mean Trae is a PnR maestro and when ATL really needs it, they relied on him to generate points out of PnR. His best attribute is his vision/passing. He just understand spacing within the relationship of the structure and finds a gap to pass the ball to.

Trae really leans onto the villian/heel and it’s great for TV. NYC, Philly and now Cleveland all hates him lmao.


They should let Stephen A Smith call every playoff game

Y’all think Caleb Houstan can develop a Kyle “Slo Mo” Anderson kind of game?

Man am I thankful Izzo only wanted to give JJJ like 22 minutes - he is a defensive monster.


Anderson was a phenomenal on-ball college player, and has always been a good defender.

Yeah, he’s been disruptive. 7 blocks but didn’t get this one…

Yeah, I mean, I’ll take poster if he gives me 7 blocks in 3 quarters.

He fouls a lot but playing Ben Carter over JJJ when he can shoot 3s and protect rim is just bad decision making by Izzo.

Omg I’m halfway into second quarter of Memphis Minnesota. This is the best nba game since Kiki VandenWeghe was scoring 26 a game.

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Ok didn’t quite end up 140-132 but that was a heck of an entertaining game. Anthony Edwards … yeah, he’s good.


He’s ridiculously built for a guy that athletic.


Put pads on him and he probably wouldn’t look out of place on Georgia’s defensive line.

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Trae is hands down the worst defensive player I have ever seen in the NBA. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy hold a stance for a maximum of 1 defensive slide.

Robinson having a good first have stretch - came in late first quarter, had played 10 minutes, is 2/3 from three, and had a good drive/kick hockey assist

He’s also one of the best offensive players in the league.

Yes, top 3 probably. I’ve just never seen a defender like him. Without Capela, they are just drawing dead against Miami. Allowing 59 first half points to a not very good offensive team…

Also - Duncan played the last 15 mins of the half, hit 4/5 from 3.


His athletic ability is eye popping but what I see when I look at him is the value of a year under Coach Tom Crean.

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