2022-23 College Basketball Gambling Thread

I got my 16-team parlay in for all the games today. I’m certain it’s going to hit for +15000


My bracket is poised for disaster, way too much early chalk and then way too much S16/E8 chaos

I pulled an Arkansas t-shirt out of my closet on a blind pull this morning, so just going to go with that. Go Hogs I guess.

I have wvu first half -1.5 under 132 va/furman Howard +22 and mizz money line

Iowa live bet is at +1000 rn

Well….now it’s at +2500 :sweat_smile:


You almost got me with that first one.

Don’t worry, I got myself with it :sweat_smile:

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The two chances for this to hit were painfully off :rage: (And yes I tailed like an idiot)

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And brutal it was the first two games of the day too. Had so much hope early

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Could be legit
Could be fake
Still makes me laugh


I bet Michigan ML this morning. After injury news, went heavy on Vandy -2. Guarantee we lose by 1 now



Obviously should have just done the ML. Total own goal


Right to jail


Mizzou got around +300 ML live bet there. Didn’t exactly follow the philosophy of one team is making too many 3s, but still seemed like good money


Same! Hoping Mizzou decides the defensive plan of just leaving open 3 point shooters and hoping they miss while also not rebounding the intended misses changes at half.

Edit - Welp

At what point do you start hedging preseason championship bets? I’ve got a unit on Alabama at 50:1. My best guess is the worst path for them is SDSU, Creighton, Marquette, and Houston. The line for SDSU is already open at +240, and Creighton and Marquette are really closely rated in kenpom. I’m thinking put 5 units on each of the first three games and 10 on the championship so I walk away with 10-12 units if Alabama loses at any point, but net 25 units if they win out. Obviously can adjust if underdogs win, but would you even start betting with 4 games left or wait another round or two?

Edit: corrected teams

You mean San Diego State, not St. Mary’s? The path is wide open for Bama. They are clearly the best team remaining on that side of the bracket. I wouldn’t consider hedging until at least the Elite 8 or Final 4


Yes, thanks for the correction. I lean towards waiting as well, but it a going to be rough watching a lot of money disappear if they do somehow lose. But if they get something like Princeton in the E8, the line will probably be too good to not put a small amount on the hedge.

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Anyone have a lean on Indiana-Miami?

I lean IU mostly because I think TJD will be unstoppable again but I sort of want someone to talk me out of it