2022-23 College Basketball Gambling Thread

18 Fouls by NC state with 13 minutes left and only 7 by UNC. A bit sus🧐

Purdue opened at -10.5 against Maryland and it’s down to 9. Somebody out for the Boilers?

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I like Wisconsin +2.5 today quite a bit

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Mannnn I like northwestern but I’m terrible at picks maybe I’ll ride with you!

Hard to know without knowing the Covid situation.

I think even outside of that there are a lot of reasons I like Wisconsin today. They have won and covered 3 years straight against NW. I think Wisconsin has got some momentum now after getting Wahl back and beating Penn State and I think NW is a bit worse than people think that they are. Their defense is highly rated but I think its partially an illusion because of injuries of other team’s they’ve played and I think that skews their numbers a bit. They have a great win against Indiana BUT Race Thompson and Xavier Johnson were both out. They beat MSU without Malik Hall. Props to them for the win against Illinois but I think Illinois was a much different team back then and still kind of figuring out how to get all their talent to work together.

So I guess in summary I just think Wisconsin is a better team and NW is a little overrated. And I think +126 is pretty good value on Wisconsin as a ML bet. So I put 1 unit on that and 1 unit on +2.5

We’ll see what happens though. Big ten basketball can be crazy, especially on the road :slight_smile:

What’s the Covid situation? Nw expecting players out or just possibly not at 100%

NW had a couple games postponed and hasn’t played in 8 days because of COVID and injuries. I’m not sure if anyone still has COVID on their team but they just haven’t played basketball in a while.

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Wisconsin really failed to cover because of an intentionally missed free throw. That is a BAD BEAT lol

Wisconsin was 9-16 from the free throw line. They gave that one away.

They only had the free throws because Audige fouled when the game should have been over :rofl:

and they missed the front end of a 1 and 1 like 3 times haha

but yeah you’re right

If it makes you feel better I thought it was a 7 tip and took it live at northwestern -3.5

man that’s tough

vegas: 2
me and avs: 0

Who’s riding with Illinois tonight -4 vs Osu at home

I was thinking about it. You got any thoughts on this one @umhoops

PSU ML tonight

I respect it. I’ll probably be staying away from that game tonight. I will probably take some Big 12 bets today though. I’ve been having wayyyy more success on Big 12 games than Big Ten games