2021 UMHoops.com Bracket Challenge Results

This was never revisited, so I figured I would do so.

Congratulations to @Tom48160 for winning the 2021 UMHoops Bracket Challenge!

His bracket, “Tom’s Meth Fueled Picks,” kinda crushed everyone with 1300 points and finishing in the 97.7th percentile of all brackets. See the full list of brackets at the bottom of this post.

Silver Medal: @buckets12
Bronze Medal: @mazs

Special Shoutout for “Close, but no cigar” 4th place finish for the bracket “Brad Underwood Stinks” by someone whose ESPN name doesn’t seem to align with a UMHoops username. Please identify yourself so I can heap praise on you for the bracket name.
edit: Thank you “Wolverinefan01” for coming forward as the bracket maker!

Other notable finishes (AKA people whose usernames I could match up to people who post often here). If I missed you or misattributed your bracket to someone else, I apologize. Long week :slight_smile: If you leave a comment tying your username to a bracket I’ll add you in.

@IanLemersal: 6th
@MidnightSnatch: 7th (tied)
@BleedBlue: 7th (tied)
@kturnup: 9th
@umhoops: 10th
@adamsmit86: 12th
@bebopson: 13th
(no user mentions past this point as the forum only allows 10 per post)
Mdemorest4: 17th
A2Blue: 18th
LucasWalsh: 19th
AC1997: 20th
bubbleGUM: 22nd
wolverinebandit: 25th (tied)
bacon141: 25th (tied)
ChipJonez: 27th (tied)
ucntseemoi: 27th (tied)
sportaddict144: 32nd
beanman: 35th (tied)
LeVertAlert (35th (tied)
814eastu: 40th
BlueFront: 41st (tied)
Wolverinefan01: 41st (tied)
CursedBlue: 44th (tied)
steve (I’m super confused here, I think you’re the former MH20, no??): 47th (tied)
GoBlueScrewOSU7: 47th (tied)
Bmbeach: 47th (tied)
haniffe4: 53rd
jivan: 55th (tied)
BP3: 58th (tied)
dreem: 63rd
bluejayway: 65th (tied)
vanarbor: 72nd
Dcleary_12: 74th (tied)
EasyBuckets: 74th (tied)
HustleCat: 80th
BigBoutros: 81st
SpikeNovak: 82nd (tied)
JDOg: 82nd (tied)

Full Results: Men's Tournament Challenge - ESPN - Group


Man I couldn’t even shoot the moon? Ugh


Thanks for revisiting this


Wow…I will take 20th every day of the week! My brackets stunk this year.

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Yikes I fell pretty good. I think was top 15 after the Sweet 16.

And thank you @CursedBlue for pulling these up


Note: I really hope listing out everyone isn’t viewed as shaming or anything. I consider this something of a crapshoot and many low finishers are people whose basketball opinions I 100% respect on here. And then I got in the 40’s when I probably should’ve been in the 80’s :slight_smile:

Would gladly take 19th then haha.

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You have humiliated and disgraced me. I challenge you to a hard-boiled egg eating contest to regain my honor


Ah, sorry I missed you. Got you added in there.

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It’s all good I just usually post in the recruiting threads haha.

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Thank you for taking the time to recap the standings. The last time I looked was just before the final game. The bracket was a lot of fun - for me, mainly because there were so many familiar names in the field.


Stepping forward as the owner of the “Brad Underwood stinks” bracket. I’m proud of the top 5 finish, but far prouder of having correctly predicted Illinois being vanquished by Cameron Krutwig in the second round. Thank you @CursedBlue for putting this together.


Username checks out

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I’ll step forward as “Iandudecool”. Didn’t want to but I did alright in the challenge so I’ll come forward. I was 12 when I made that account name. No further questions.


W o w ! :eyes: I’m absolutely shocked.

I saw the notification and thought I’d check the thread. I remember being proud to have my name (barely) on the first page of the standings after the first weekend. I know I picked the championship game and eventual champ correctly, but I thought that might get me into the Top 20 at best.

Thanks for bumping this. See you all in 56th place next year!


Proud. Very proud of that bracket. :joy:

(CursedBlue: Posting these is absolutely fine. Making my shame public is no less than I deserve for those bracket picks.)


With the way ESPN scoring works, it’s nigh impossible to pick the championship game and winner correctly and not beat everyone that didn’t do exactly that. That gets you as many points as picking the first and second round perfectly, which feels gross considering the championship was the 2 most obvious teams.


tied for 74th builds character


This is exactly how I stumbled my way into 2nd place. My round of 32 picks were the worst of anyone in the bracket contest. Being a Gonzaga contrarian finally rewarded me at the last second :rofl:


Cool Hand Luke says you can’t get to 50!