2021 - Big - Bretner Mutombo (Target)

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As in Dikembe?

I hope so - Dikembe was one of the best guys to come through the league in NBA history.

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Believe that he’s his nephew. Just added subscriber video to his profile. Mostly a rim runner and shot blocker.

Makes sense - that’s basically Whiteside/Bam in a nutshell.

It’s obviously very early but you can see a post-Lebron Heat style attack here. Mutumbo has a similar game to the Heat bigs, and your report on Christopher suggests he’s a rim attacking ball-dominant guard, which is exactly what Dragic was before he got old.

Now, if the pattern holds, we surround them with a floor spacing 4 and two-way shooters.


Would love to see some Josh Richardson style wings. Capable shooting, versatile defense and playmaking.

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Yeah Richardson is sort of 3-and-D-Plus

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formal offer on the 6/15? Is this rule still their.


“No, he has no relations whatsoever to legendary Atlanta Hawks center Dikembe Mutombo but you might be mistaken as they do have a much similar game.”

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Just saw this:

Lincoln Prep Academy has a pair of young prospects with potential. Jalen Carruth, the son of Rashaad Carruth , and Bretner Mutombo , the nephew of Dikembe Mutombo, both caught our eye. Carruth is a 6-foot-4 wing that can shoot it, while Mutombo showed potential as a rim runner, shot blocker and rebounder.


The 18-year NBA veteran has a son, Bretner, who plays for the Georgia Stars U16 team. Bretner, a class of 2021 recruit, isn’t as tall as his 7 foot, 2 inch dad (6’9), but is still growing. The elder Mutombo won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award four times and was an eight-time All-Star.

Read more here: https://www.newsobserver.com/sports/article214749685.html#storylink=cpy

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seems that we need a clarification from the kid or Dikembe himself.

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I’m sending a coke can he finished to 23 and me


Dikembe lives in Vinings, which is right outside of Atlanta FWIW. Relatively close to Suwanee

The word per his guardian is no relation to Dikembe

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I love this

LOL, seems to be a common issue among everyone who has the last name Mutumbo:

“Are you Dikembe Mutombo’s son?”

He is not, despite at least one news outlet calling him Dikembe Mutombo’s cousin. The two know each other, their wives are friends, and they’re even from the same ethnic group and tribe in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. But Patrick Mutombo is neither the Hall of Famer’s son nor his relative, unless in a Joel Embiid, we’re-all-from-Africa sort of way.


Is Bretner related to Patrick then? LOL

Some good info in this article for people who subscribe to 247 on how Howard plans to run things (specifically the comment about his offense and that he will continue the June offer thing).

FWIW, the June 15th phone call thing is a rule. You can’t call rising junior prospects directly until June 15th after their sophomore year. That’s not something that you can decide if you want to follow or not.

You can extend scholarships whenever you want, though.

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