2021-22 Player Power Rankings: No. 3 Eli Brooks


Great read! I do think you meant “ win over LSU* when Brooks had 21 points and 7 assists in the best* performance of his career.”

Thanks… Live look at me trying to finish player previews before the season starts.


He had 21/7 vs LSU? I remember that as Chaundee’s game. Will have to go back and look. It’s fun to rewatch the shootouts.

Video is in the post :wink:


How would you assess Eli’s ability to “guard up” should Michigan play a team with lots of size in the backcourt/on the wing? Not sure how many of those are even on the schedule so maybe a moot point.

Not sure because last year he was never really asked to do it but if U-M is facing a team with a 6-5 downhill driver, I’m not sure who guards him on this team. Last year it was Franz Wagner, this year it might be Eli.


Does Duane Washington really count as an example of guarding a bigger player? Not sure, given a lot of what he did was just make really difficult 3s off the bounce, but he really got to the rim very well this year against Brooks as well.

I’m curious–any chance we know where Derrick Walton 2017 lies on that efficiency/usage scatter plot?

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I could be wrong, but I don’t think they ran anywhere near as many ball screens before X as they began to once he took over the offense.

need something like this to illustrate how I am trying to read all this stuff you’re putting out. Thanks for the thorough work and the new podcast!

Burke and Morris were ballscreen wizards too, but I don’t know their per-game volume of opportunity compared with X.

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Here’s the same chart with Burke '13 and Walton '17


Thanks @umhoops

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Xavier Simpson appreciation chart