2020 Recruiting Notes


I’ve watched all them live since February. I really like Burnett, Miller and Steward. Morton looked alright but his AAU team wasn’t at full strength. He seems to struggle creating his own shot imo, but he can really shoot it, has good size and is a really good passer. Beard was the least exciting of this group but he’s a pretty good scorer. Watched him at MSU team camp in June. Burnett was the most impressive to me when I watched him with Prolific Prep in February versus Alonzo Gaffney & Garfield Heights. Prolific Prep dominated, largely thanks to Burnett. Here is my write up from that game when I viewed Burnett live.


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Thanks BP, appreciate the insight and your efforts. I think you’re spot on regarding the evaluation of the current team and their impact on future recruiting. I’m curious to see how the new NBA rules will impact player movement over the next two years. Seems like that could also add uncertainty to the mix. I won’t be surprised if IGGY is gone after this year…he will at least test the waters.


No idea we were on Burnett , very familiar with him as I was following the Rochester kid at prolific. He’s very good, would be a great get


Appreciate that. It wasn’t my website though I was just contributing to a friends website from last year in Ohio. I currently am helping out Bank Hoops in Michigan though so I’ll be posting articles on there. I posted some during AAU for them!


Yes. Michigan was reportedly already showing interest in Burnett back in january. Yaklich I think has a connection with him. I liked his game a lot. We will see if he is interested in moving back closer to home.


Appreciate that! I agree with you on Iggy. I think if I was him I’d do the same thing. He’s going to be 20 in Janurary so it’s the right move in his best interest to at least test the waters.


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Clipped up some adidas video in the post yesterday. He looks very good, I’d expect he’ll continue to emerge nationally.


Who are some 2020 guys that Michigan has targeted that you’d like to see them hone in on a little more?


I am curious to see if they bring in any 2020s for fall officials.


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