2020 - PG - Jalen Terry (Target)


Never said they weren’t. Just saying it doesn’t mean every kid they nab was done by being dirty.


For sure. Terry would have been a nice option for us if we didn’t already have Jackson. Will be curious to see who turns out to be better.


Maliq Carr has power 5 football and basketball offers? Impressive.


Yes. He is a pretty good basketball player but football looks like his best sport from what I’ve seen. And his size and athleticism as a WR is pretty impressive for being 6’6.


Terry and Beecher played Ty Rodgers and Grand Blanc last night.


Well the Jalen Terry-Zeb Jackson battles should be fun going forward


Huge pickup for MSU. Solidifies their next PG after Winston. Not great news for Loyer too.


Quite a talent.


Puts them in a very good spot to land Isaiah Jackson now as well. Isaiah has been high school teammates with Rocket Watts for the last two years and AAU teammates with Terry for the last 2 or 3 years as well. Jackson has a already built up chemistry and connection with the two guards he’d be playing mainly with in college if he chose MSU.