2020 - PG - Jalen Terry (Target)




I want to like Jalen Terry but something isn’t there for me. Not quite up to par as Monte Morris IMO. The state championship team that he played on was largely carried by Malik Ellison who plays for EMU. Ellison is small at 5’8" but can score in bunches.




I really have a hard time gauging the value of a Louisville offer. With Pitino it meant something, now I am not really sure where it stands in the spectrum


Chris Mack just won the Big East last year. It’s still a pretty darn good offer. 12th ranked recruiting class according to 247 for 2019.


Mack is a very good coach but he throws out a ton of offers, that devalues a Louisville offer a bit


Nah the players love the Louisville offers. They still got a TON of clout with big prospects. I think they are frontrunners for Isaiah Jackson as of now. Pierre Brooks visited there recently as well and I talked to his dad today and he said Pierre and his mom loved it there. Harlond Bevelry loved it and they will be one of the top candidates for him. As of now I think it’s Louisville for Rocket Watts as well. Not to mention they just landed Jaelyn Withers who is a very underrated player in my opinion. When kids get down to campus and see the city/facilities it usually helps Louisville’s chances out a ton. Not to mention Louisville still gets the top Adidas gear. Even with the issues with Pitino, it’s largely been forgotten by players since it’s a completely new staff. And Mack is one of the top coaches in the country.


I am sure prospects like it, I am more so talking about it being a big time offer when determining the quality of a prospect. It is interesting that Louisville is still doing well because that program should get hammered by the NCAA soon and I mean all time type sanctions.


I doubt they will get much. Recent teams being caught in scandals haven’t exactly been rocked with penalties and most times the teams were expected to get much more than what they did only to get basically a slap on the wrist. USC should be getting hammered too but they have a top 3 class right now and could add Boogie Ellis, a borderline 5 Star Guard.

Personally I think highly of Louisville now with Mack in charge, the fan base they have, the history winning and the facilities they have. Many of those areas are about as good as it gets compared to other programs.


The difference with Louisville is that they got busted again while already on probation. That repeater status should lead to very harsh penalties.


SHOULD. That’s like the last 5 or 6 schools that should have gotten railed by the NCAA but didn’t. We will see. I think they will get minor penalties for what they did. Louisville makes NCAA too much money and the fan base is too big for them to likely get severe penalties.


I loveed withers, when we were mentioned with him previously I was really digging him. wish it was more of a serious possibility, kid balls.


At least he won’t be in the BIG.



Long time away from now, but I’m not feeling Terry as a potential B1G impact player.

I’ve seen him a lot and not at all enamored with another pint size PG.

There’s got to be better talents out there going forward.


Seems like everyone on the board doesn’t like him but he’s ranked very high. Personally I think he’s prett damn good. Not too 50 imo but top 100 for sure. I’m ok with the small guards too as long as their super quick , bouncy and aggressive which he is. lol at what Louisville did for years. I actually could see terry there.

I like zeb more for sure , Hampton obviously too but I also think stone might be a better fit. Stone looks like a super heady player with great range and length for his position. Not very bouncy but not bad either


I actually do like Jalen quite a bit. And I’d be fairly happy if Michigan offered him and landed him down the road. But he does have things that concern me in his game that need rectified. The size isn’t a issue for me because he’s more athletic as a PG than anything we’ve had at the position. Taking care of the ball, controlling the tempo and consistently playmaking for others were my biggest concerns. I feel like he plays more like a undersized SG than a pure PG. His SG abolities are pretty good, just need to see improvement as a pure PG to me.